Paul Wall - Swangin In The Rain [Lyrics/Paroles]

Paul Wall - Swangin In The Rain

Swangin In The Rain Lyrics / Paroles


Swang on!


I could write a book on how to work the wheel

Candy watermelon with the bumper grill

It’s floodin’ outside and I’m the wettest steel

Windows roll up, cold cup and some kill

Let me explain the way it feel to ride on 84s

A different level of respect amongst yo peers and foes

Anotha victim for the streets if you ain’t on yo toes

My took palms might leave you, betta watch my toes

Rain comin’ down while I’m comin’ down

Ears turn around when ’em swangers turn around

Shout out to my OG slab riders

Big mick, sport black, balley all my patnas

Swang around the puddle, drankin’ muddy as the puddle

Softer than a puddle, leather proferated butter

This for all the hustlers out there gettin’ it in the rain time

So turn the music up and go swang

[Hook break]

Swangin’ in the rain

Swang on!

Swangin’ in the rain

(So much love between us)

[Verse 2]

Rain drops on my window

Elbows poking out past the fender

Turn sharper than a No. 2 pencil

The way I avoid hitting curbs is monumental

Slow pace drankin’ on my last days

Ridin’ one deep cause my ace caught a case

Somethin’ on my mind, so I’m turnin’ up the bass

On my zone, I’m swangin’ with finnesse and grace

Forecast muddy, atmosphere cloudy

Growin’ up while the rain pourin’ up around me

Shout out my boys Big D up in the county

Pop a trunk on a cop, fourth Ward where they found me

Rain drops on my panoramic roof

Check the red light cameras if you want the proof

Candy apple ova silver, I’m swangin’

To turn a lane turnin’ heads every time I swang in the rain

[Hook break]

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