PELL - Almighty Dollar [paroles]

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PELL - Almighty Dollar

Paroles: Almighty Dollar

For the whole day
I've been waiting
For the money
To come raining
But it don't come
It's dry out here
And we out here
On our own

[Verse 1: Pell]
It's the first Friday of the month
Direct deposit still ain't hit so I ain't got up
Cause what I'm supposed to buy with $17.25?
With my car fuel low, and the gas too high?
The joint too tight, couldn't hit it if we wanted
We might need it for some dollars if we run into a junkie
Save it, ooh ooh, for some blunt monkeys
Cause I need a little more than some lunch money
Fuck, I'm kidding, that's why I'm out graveyard shifting
Going over people's heads like ceilings
Might not see you 'til I'm cheesing and double up some weekend
But, until then, nigga I'm still fiendin'
Cause if money is the motto, I've never won the lotto
Come from where the gun wounds is bigger than the potholes
No rain come, when stores close fuck up all my ponchos
Been grinding, this game slow so these chips is nachos


[Bridge: Pell]
It ain't easy for me, is it easy for you?
Cause if life was really free we'd have nothing to lose
I ain't never said I got nothing to prove
I got to keep my mom fed when I step in the booth
Cause that's easy for me, is it easy for you?
That's why I'mma cop the mall, when the check come through
So I can get drawers, like I'm trying to do
And keep my mom fed when I step in the booth

[Bridge 2]
Came here by myself, but still I can't do this alone
The simplest necessities are all I really want
And if my brother's need it, I'll share mine 'til it's gone
Wait patient 'til the money fall then I'll pick up the phone

[Bridge: Pell]