Pell - Runaway (Remix) (ft. White Sea)

Runaway (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles


Out in the cold you told me you would be fine

Now you're alone, struggling for a place to call home

And I'm there, not a minute late

Another runaway, we need to run away

[Verse 1]

Situation's elevated since our loving needed saving

See that you all down the street, you just wanted affirmation

I was on the other line, but still miss your conversation

Guess I answered hoping you would say you're staying

A picture's worth a thousand words

So let me paint the scene with a thousand verbs

That we never followed through

Stick together for the kids

But the mud got deep when the dirt got thick


And how can you amend the pain

That saw you out the frame

Evading all the history

It's time to runaway


[Verse 2]

Situation's elevated since she came to you with anguish

Cause her knight in shining armor lost his lustin' through relations

With the grief inside her voice, can't sing 'Amazing Grace's

When the sorrow seems like it's made for you, you runaway

Children gone on weekends, barely see them on the holiday

Wonder if anyone even know it's Father's Day

Cause the love don't live it no more

Had to gallop down the road, 'fore she beat a dead horse

Kept it short


[Scat singing]

Out in the cold you told me you would be fine

Now you're alone

[Chorus] x2

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