PJ - I Mean It (ft. Hit-Boy) [Lyrics/Paroles]

PJ - I Mean It (ft. Hit-Boy)

I Mean It Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Hit-Boy]

No time is wasted, I came through the complication

I been awful patient, my deposit savings goin’ up

Only took a little concentration growin’ up

In the game, the mission to slow you up if you let it

Nigga, I should get a golden glove and a pennant how I’m winnin’ now

Run me my money, nigga, give it up in a big amount

[Verse 1: PJ]

I think with people you can tell the difference

From those that had it and the ones that didn’t

Look where I’m at and look at my condition

I didn’t then but I accept I’m different

How else could you explain the way I’m bout to get it?

Cause when you honest that’s when niggas listen

They say money comes and goes, I hope I keep it

On everything, I hope I keep it

[Chorus: PJ]

Cause when I say I want it all

Nigga I mean it

Nigga I mean it

When I say that I won’t stop for nobody

Nigga I mean it

Trust me I mean it

Whoa, whoa

Nigga I mean it

Whoa, whoa

Nigga I mean it

[Verse 2: PJ]

My life’s a story, they don’t hafta read it

Sooner or later they gon’ pay attention

My family callin’ me like P you did it

It’s just level 1 but trust I’m bout to get it

And I forgave niggas and they [?]

It’s funny now you got a different feelin’

But all my life there’s nothin’ more appealin’

Then to know that you this close to winnin’


[Verse 3: Hit-Boy]

I’m on a reach for glory

Fuck who don’t see it for me

I repeat the story, I’mma keep rejoicing

Young boy, blessed like I bet a sneeze is over

I keeps composure my [?] teacher can’t spell my future

I wasn’t into math anyway

On the schoolyard getting paid

Liquor [?] on a ball, student on the dice, just to get a lemonade

Shit, we was onto great things since Grey Street, mainly

I been on the match like the A-Team

Ain’t no mystery, I need ten gold chains like Mr. T

Nigga, stayin’ on a bitch ain’t meant for me

That’s like a middle seat in coach

All you need to know

Bein’ real and stayin’ down

I got a history [?]


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