Plies - 2 Good 4 Me

2 Good 4 Me Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Plies]
I don’t know if I’m the only one that’s ever been trough something like this know what I’m sayin’
But you ever had you a mother fucker that was so good to you man
Mother fucker that was 10 toes down for you love you till death do anything for you
But you knew you was’t giving them the same thing in return
When you look back at that shit you feel like damn man I ain’t even deserve this mother fucker for real man
Like that mother fucker for real man just was like too good for me man

[Hook: Plies]
You was too good for me
So I’m apologize to you from me
‘Cause you was too good for me
And only thing that I can tell you
Is I’m apologize to you from me
‘Cause you was too good for me
So I’m apologize to you from me
And only thing that I can tell you
Is I’m apologize to you from me

[Verse 1: Plies]
You wanted to settle down, I wanted to party
You wanted to spend time, I was to busy ballin’
You wanted the movies, I wanted the streets
All I wanted was money, all you wanted was me
You was looking for love, I was looking for licks
You really care ‘bout a nigga, I was so full of shit
I was moving too fast, the streets was soaking me up
I neglected you and all and damn that was fucked up
But I was thinking about ya, I guess that wasn’t enough
You was holding me down, but I wasn’t holding you up
You kept that pussy on ice, you kept it waiting for me
And you would drive cross town to make sure that I eat
You wasn’t like these lil hoes, you was a good girl for real
You ain’t want shit from me, you just had love for the kid
I had love for you too, I just ain’t showed you I did
I guess that’s why I fucked up at it and thats why I said


[Verse 2: Plies]
You was wild materialized, I just took you for granted
You just wanted the simple shit, and I couldn’t even handle it
All the nights that you called me, You was laying in the bed
You just wanted to see me, I went with my niggas instead
The same time you was calling baby, so was the bread
And I don’t know if you understand, without the paper your dead
I was just grinding I promise, I’m gon get right back
But if you did it to me, I wasn’t going for that
They say undo to others, you wanna undo to you
But one thing ‘bout a street nigga, we don’t play by the rules
I just thought ‘cause you loved me, that you would forever understand
But like my momma always told me, that’s just an excuse for a man
I don’t know if she right, and I don’t know if she wrong
But one thing I do know, you damn sure miss when it’s gone
And I don’t know if you ain’t, or if you listening baby
It ain’t have shit to do with you, it was all on me


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