Plies - Did It Outta Luv [Lyrics/Paroles]

Plies - Did It Outta Luv

Did It Outta Luv Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Plies]
I did it outta luv
(did it outta luv)
(did it outta luv)

I did it outta luv
(did it outta luv)
(did it outta luv)

[Hook: Plies]
You will never owe me shit nigga (nope)
I did it outta luv (I did it outta luv)
That’s what real niggas is supposed to do, yeah nigga
I did it outta luv (I did it outta luv)
You ain’t never got to pay me back (never)
I did it outta luv (I did it outta luv)
You will never owe me shit nigga (never)
I did it outta luv (I did it outta luv)

[Verse 1: Plies]
Lawyer wanted 100 sum thousands
Cracker taxed me I paid it
Give a fuck ‘bout no money
Just want my niggas to make it
Cracker came right back
For another 200 bands
Make sure my nigga and them straight
That’s all that I kept sayin’
300 thousand and all fuck it I paid it again
If I don’t fuck with you I don’t
So once I’m in, I’m in
The cracker told me like this
We’ll make sure you ain’t get straight
I told em make sure all of us straight
Or get the fuck off the case
Shit, I ain’t going to play with your money
So don’t you play with that life
I don’t give a fuck if we wrong
I’m going to war like we right
My brother told me when I was little
Don’t run with niggas unless you love ‘em
Don’t turn your back on your niggas
You supposed to ride in the struggle
Nigga I was taught how to shine
But I was built for the rain
Fuck niggas they do all the time
But real niggas don’t change
I’ll never do it unless I meant it
You won’t owe me shit in return
I never waiver for nothing
This real shit I stay firm
Would they have done it for me
Nigga it don’t fucking matter
I was able to do it for them
To me thats all that fucking matters
Ain’t supposed to ride when it’s sunny
And then hide when it’s dark
My love don’t come from the pain
My nigga it come from the heart
I know some niggas with millions
Left their dog in the dark
Don’t give a fuck how it turned out
Nigga that’s what it was
Don’t need no Plies you’re real
No pat’s on the backs, no I love ya
Like my big brother told me
Nigga if I’m fo’ ya I’m fo’ ya

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Plies]
When you was hiding from the crackers
I let you hide in my house
Nigga I gave you my bed
Nigga I slept on the couch
Nigga I’d do it again
Cause that’s what it’s supposed to be ‘bout
Cause when you niggas they need you
You supposed to help niggas out
You ain’t neva paid me for that
You ain’t neva gave me no money
Your money ain’t good with me
You was my nigga so I done it
Remember my brother got jammed
And neighbors with six of his dogs
Told me don’t bond him out
Cause I got all six of my dogs
I remember like you was yesterday
Realest shit I ever heard
When I think about lord
Till I remember the work
Goddamn larger my nigga
Ain’t supposed to pay you for that
We supposed to ride for each other
We need no money for that
My momma fed me off bad checks
Beat my ass cuz she love me
One thing she never said
Is that I owed her something
If I ever did something for ya
My nigga it came from the heart
Was looking for nothing in return
I mean that shit swear to God

[Hook 2x]

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