Popcaan - Born Bad [paroles]

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Popcaan - Born Bad

Paroles: Born Bad


Skiller than Magiva

Them cyaa rub mi out like no Alkaida

Bwoy cyaa play wid mi food neither

Man skull top burn off like the ghost rider

When man a hunt fi the food don't come inna the way

Whole heap a thing rise from under the clay

Them a talk a to God mi a pray

Mi bible and mi browning keep them away
Burn badmind people

Burn wicked heart people

Burn envious people

Suck yo mother
(Verse 1)

Tell them a no Tom and Jerry thing this

Unruly resident this

Try hurt man wid evil and everything miss

And a gwaan like everything criss

Step pon them wi mi clarks or kiks

No bwoy cyaa shorten Rihanna book list

No play wid the money cheese a no tetris

Caw yo next residence will be medoris
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Tell them anytime the fight wi, we get stronger, stronger, stronger

And every time them try fi kill wi off wi live longer, longer, longer

Whole heap a hungry dawg mi response fa

Any bwoy meck no talk village answer

Them cyaa stop da youth yah from prosper

Nough bwoy dead if mi use my anger
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus 2X)