Popcaan - VVIP [paroles]

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Popcaan - VVIP

Paroles: VVIP

Di gyal dem ready fi show me what they can do
Gyal you are mi baby, so di be my speedy
So yuh drive mi crazy

[Verse 1:]
Gyal, meck mi feel like mi flying in a space ship
Gyal bend over and meck mi lace it
Shi seh shi love the way mi d*ck stiff
Mi love the way you lipstick
Rubbing pon yuh lipstick

Meck mi give you a backas pon the toilet
Shi bwal out what a piece a brightness
Baby you p*ssy a the tightest
It likkle a the right fit

Baby mi haffi tell you this
You pum-pum a VVIP, vip yeah
And mi cyaa deny, mi love the way you ride me, you ride me

Baby mi love fi c*ck you
Yeah, baby mi love fi c*ck you
Mi naw lie, love fi c*ck you
You pum-pum a VVIP, kick out!

[Verse 2:]
Da p*ssy deh so fat
When mi force it in you tell mi seh don't stop
Gyal mi f*cking you so hot
Look in a mi eye and tell mi you love that
Gyal a wa meck you so bad?
You unruly, you nuh coward
Tell mi seh fi f*ck you hard
Meck mi give you everything mi have

Shi seh baby mi foot a shake now
Mi seh a time fi you hold the gate now
Alright meck wi celebrate now
Way up in a you mi just come


[Verse 3:]
Mi always love fi have mi baby near to me
Rolling day to day with me
You p*ssy tight, mi buddy fit it properly
Mi keep you near to me
Fi you body suh sexy gyal
Baby you a mi sexy love yeah
Mi know seh you naw let me out
Mi baby you never let me down
No way!

Hey, mi f*ck you p*ssy good whenever you horny
You p*ssy wetter than a tsunami
You a mi wife, you a mi chargy
And shi nuh waan me fi no money
Gyal mi love you bad