Popcaan - Way Up [paroles]

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Popcaan - Way Up

Paroles: Way Up




Dem ago need wings fi ketch we up, wings fi ketch we up

Cause a waaay up (way up deh)

Waaay up (stay up deh)

Waaay up (way up deh)

waaay up, Anju Blaxx


From yuh see mi, a cleanest

Clothes weh mi rocking a di fucking realest

Chi Ching Ching inna the Louis V vest

Gyal wah we fi squeeze silicone and real breast

Gyal a blow breeze pon di head a mi penis

Coolest breeze that mi rock inna sleeveless

Dat mek some man a di grievest

Dem cyah diss nuh man from Zed or 3 west


Anju Blaxx

Mi cyaa go a day without a gyal inna my bed

and mi cyaa go a day without high grade inna my head

So we killing it, way up a di bloody peak

Badman lock di street. Parrot haffi watch di week

Fresh, everyday anuh every week

Gyal a cheer fi mi and creep

[Verse 2]

Mi a Jamaican, but mi nuh local

Regular mi have dem gyal sing inna vocals

And di gas pump, up a di Total

My league way out, like portal

Cyah diss Squid, bwoy cyah diss Opal

Unruly you a get antisocial

Nuh friend mi like the media, dat social

Yet still, mi cyah live without gyal



[Chorus] x2