Popcaan - Wine So [paroles]

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Popcaan - Wine So

Paroles: Wine So

(Verse 1)

If you cyaa wine like Trini gyal you a the lamest

Cyaa wine like yard gyal you a the lamest

If you nah gimmi you a the lamest

And mi waan know a how you a go pay mi
Gyal you deh pon yo man pay list

Him haffi cry when yo wine pon

You no borrowed gyal Victoria Secret

Fi shi go reveal it

Baby tell mi a wa meck you a wine suh

Mi waan know a wa meck you a wine suh

Wa meck yo flying suh

Baby tek time nuh
Mi know seh yo bad but behave yo self

Mi know seh yo bad but behave yo self

Fi tell yo shave yo self

Mi beat hi meck yo slave yo self
(Verse 2)

Wine pon hi and bruk hi off

Tough c-key meck pretty pu-y soft

When man have gyal dem nuh fi laugh

Dem fi bwal and beg fi mi tun it off

Gyal wid d-k that tun mi off

Grip the buddy when yo somersault

Yo body hot like sun when the summer pass

Bruk mi buddy like the hummer glass
Gyal yo pu-y a the best thing weh mi come across

Love yo like ching female unruly boss

Baby meck every time when yo si mi floss

Tell yo dutty bwoy friend seh fi gimmi pass
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 1)

Mi know seh yo naughty mi shorty

In a house in a party

You no old, you no look like 40

Man haffi run money shortly

Baby yo good, good, good, man a sorki

Fresh like mi issi mi yarki

Every Trini gyal, gyal, gyal, good man a talk hi

Oniel and Captain Barki
(Repeat Chorus)