Prince - U Know [Lyrics/Paroles]

Prince - U Know

U Know Lyrics / Paroles

Put your hands together
Nothing like this
Surprise, surprise
Another treat, another trick
This is sweet, which ones which?

[Verse 1]
For the record let me state that I never had a reason
To break contractual endeavour or sever a relationship
With anyone I pleasure, pleasure
For the playa let me stop and say that I only
Payed attention when I heard you only mentioned that he
Tried to take your treasure, treasure (Ohh no he didn't)
And as a matter of fact I would have gave you back
But then he had a heart attack when you made impact
And said his shack without you would be better, better (See what I really mean is, uhh)
But see what I really mean is that our future queen
Should never be in frustration with this rock and roll machine
Oh no not ever, ever (Yeah, U know)

[Hook (2X)]
U know how much I want you
U know how much I care
When he gone U know I'm gonna flaunt U
U know, U know, U know

[Verse 2]
If you really wanna find the answer to this cancer
Then we must rewind
Then never mind the first opinion (You better ask somebody else)
To run this game requires fame, your soul and name
And nothing gained unless it's sacrificed my dear
It's only plain for this dominion
And your question of the deal is meant with another demand
To kneel and reprimand concealed allegations of your sinning, sinning (Uhh, what's that all about?)
That's why I'm, I'm
Feminine rising, not surprising
Recognizing that the power of the breasts is just a test
That you'll be winning, winning (You got this, baby)

[Hook (2X)]

There it is
Put your head down
Just, just [?] self


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