Problem - Feedback (ft. Bad Lucc & StoneyThaDealer) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Problem - Feedback (ft. Bad Lucc & StoneyThaDealer)

Feedback Lyrics / Paroles

Question 1: How Much Do You Like Us?
Question 2: How Useful is our service?Question 3: How Important is Rap Genius To You?Question 4: How likely are you to recommend our website to others?Question 5: How professional is Rap Genius?Question 6: How convenient is Rap Genius to use?Question 7: How strongly do you recommend Rap Genius?Question 8: How often do you use Rap Genius?Question 9: Overall, are you satisfied with the Moderators at Rap Genius, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with them, or dissatisfied with them?Question 10: How important do the Moderators at Rap Genius make you feel?Question 11: How up-to-date is the content on our site?Question 12:What changes would most improve RapGenius?
Direct Message on the Genius App - "Edit" button to our posts on the forum - Fix the Youtube link automatic-process problem - Can turn the website in French - Fix the transparency background problem for images (which turn into a white background) - Can see who's on the same page as us (for the moderators) - Move the leaderboard at the top of the website

A mobile application

Ability for users to edit their own posts.

Ability to add tates while I'm on my phone.

Abillity to choose who is in your Top Scholars Criteria to maintain editor position harder Massive de-editor of the inactives.

Actually banning people for making shitty flame threads on other users or having alts.

Add more artists to explain their verses

Annotations should be reviewed quicker

Annotators need to stop acting like they know artists personally, so they're annotation must be absolutely correct. not all lines have 50 different meanings, some may only have 1, and it may be straight forward without some super secret meaning behind it. Too many annotations are very far fetched.

Ban people that make dumb threads.

Banning mykro

Being able to see what rank you are in terms of iq for every artist rather than only seeing your top artists.

Better annotations for older, unknown songs

Better job at banning certain users.

Better marketing.

Better Mobile Layout

Better policing of trols

Better search bar

Better search capabilities (ability to search only for albums, songs, lyrics or artists as opposed to all coming together)

better search engine

Categories for the forums.

Chat needs to pop-out Forum needs pages You shouldn't have to scroll to see annotations

Create anonymous up/down-voting, allow users to select language preferences (so foreign songs don't appear on the newfeed)

Dates on forum posts

Delete spam and harsh troll accounts.


Edit button for forums, sub forums for OT threads, placing songs/artists categorized by region(ex. North west, south east, etc).

Expand the genres of music

Explanation for rejections on annotations- not having to ask why we weren't good enough, the moderator having the courtesy to tell us.

Forum improvements such as edit and search options.

forum search bar

Forum search bar, better song search bar (eg one that gives room for error in lyrics), for the editors forum to be more editor friendly (it's just all the mods and the "in-crowd" editors, they may as we'll use the mod forum for a lot of the work. Editors should be encouraged to input more


Forums cleaned up, basically options to categorize them, ie sorta by most recent, most viewed, controversial, most thumbed up, etc

Forums: Search function Pages in the threads Should be possible to comment without scrolling all the way to the bottom.

Get Kanye West (and other artists) to blog or make posts on the website.

Get rid of racist/sexist/trolling members. Forums suck and are filled with boring and redundant topics. There should be a minimum limit for IQ for new members to post in the forums. Also, search on RG sucks. It is difficult to comprehend.

Give mods more powers. Give editors less powers.

Have pages on threads so it isn't necessary to scroll all the way down

Having annotations for more southern rappers from late 90's / early 20's

I don't think there's much to do.

I think the whole annotating system works fine, so I'd like to see a more functional and aesthetically-pleasing forum.

I'd like to see some lyrics being changed when there are some mistakes.

idk your dope

If Algernon came back

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

If Lil B took it over

Improved music streaming.

Improved search function.

In my opinion there is no need for changes but a rap genius radio would be a great idea.Maybe some visual improvements would be good and require more rap IQ in order to post at the forums. an open discussion for all wouldn't mind too.As far as the explainations the website is excellent By the way album reviews would be great.It could help marketing and suggesting an album means that more people are visiting the page for the lyrics so it means more advertising and money

iPhone App

iPhone app would be awesome.

Just delete the forums. They are a complete mess.

long discussed changes on the forums

Make a mobile app.

Make Alpha-Q-Up a mod, that guy has amazing annotations!

Make the forums more organized. They seem very cluttered.

Making it easier to update hot songs that were just released. Damn near impossible to get annotations in on hot songs.

Might be a stretch, but an app would be dope

Mobile App needed

Mobile site, post count, amount of likes and dislikes you've recieved

MOBILE SITE/APP More guidelines how to move up in the ranks (ie become an editor) Forum search and thread past classification (ie most upvoted, most downvoted, most recent, etc.)

Moderators that do take their job seriously(er?). I see quite a lot of inappropriate (read: retarded) threads allowed to thrive. I know the mods see them because most of the time mods are commenting in them. So really... just heavier security on the forum. Maybe even another raise on the IQ limit for posting a thread.


more activity in other subforums

More moderator privileges More forum features

More new songs by new artists added

more porn

More professional staff, mods, and editors who respond more quickly to accept annotations and dont troll the forums/other users

More songs

More songs

More verified artists to add to website's credibility



No 5k whitehats in chat/raising chat IQ to 8-10 k, a way to edit your leaderboard thing, less jerome, raise iq on the reg forum to make it better? More Frank Ocean.


Not accepting bad annotations. Maybe a way to not make white text seem so stark, as sometimes it doesn't need an explanation

Not sure

Not to say that Rap Genius isn't welcoming, but somehow make a website that IS more welcoming. Also, endorse others to express their thoughts.


Nothing really.

Overhaul of the search function and the option to control your own "top accomplishments"

Personally, if allowable, I'd like a video call option in chat. I'd also like these private forums to take off, and definitely a way to see if a person in a private chat has seen your message, like FB.

Pls get a search button.

Porn gifs on the forums.

ProducerGenius being as developed as the lyrical part of RapGenius. Also a thread search engine

RapGenius has ENDLESS possibilities. It's just a matter of what we, as a community, want to make out of it. Right now, I don't think we communicate as well as we should with people who first use the site. We're at a point where we are moving away from interacting with users via inbox messaging and personal contact... to relying on pages to TEACH users how to use the site. Additionally, we don't have the applications or the human/financial resources to create content other than uploading text from other sites. What I'd like to see more of, is creating a tab on the main page (in the "About Section" perhaps) that allows people to understand how to use the site. There is a LOT of "coding" on the site... and people get discouraged very easily. Granted, RapGenius is a platform that gives you as much as you put into it, but we need to change that vision. We need RapGenius to be a platform where people RELY on the platform as a resource: "What can I find on RapGenius that will convince me to use it as a primary source... while ALSO contributing to it?" (Definitely a rhetorical question, but it's kind of like how Wikipedia brands itself.) Other than that critique, I'd say just to continue being on point! Continue evolving and staying ahead of the game

return to website layout circa winter 2012

Rewards and incentive for Transcriptions to promote more original transcriptions on our site

Search function in the forums, smartphone app


Set criteria for de editoring editors. Banning of SDVG.

Sometimes it won't bring up the box with the plug ins for soundcloud youtube and spotify

Sort verified artists page by rap iq, not popularity

Start annotating non- English language music

Still hoping for a mobile app. You can navigate RG using the internet fairly effectively, but it's not the same as on the computer.

Stop posting stuff about your love for Kanye West to get attention, it's very unprofessional. And, talk more about lesser-talked about rappers like Atmosphere and Blue & Exile.

Stop trolls Stop de-editoring people for no reason

The ability for Mods to IP ban trolls.

The forums are a bit messy

the front page . shit is ugly af

The only thing that I would like to change personally, as in if you guys would let me do it I would, is relocate all of the R&B songs from Rap Genius on to Rock Genius as Rythm and Blues correlates more to Rock N Roll than Rap music.

The search engine is god awful The mobile version experiences some glitches

The site runs very slowly to the point that it seems broken on mobile devices

Themes, a real forum,

Too many to list, LEMON needs to stop taking vacations and get his SHIT together

Unban my old account and free my nigga boosie

Use on mobile devices, especially for editors

Video annotations (told somebody about this already) Cleaning up a lot of the RockGenius junk nobody touches

Web layout/design. I feel the yellow text on a black background design makes the site look unprofessional/cheap and hurts the eyes.

White hat forumers stop being douchebags. We can all dream

Wouldn't change anything

Question 13: What do you like most about RapGenius?

A community of dedicated hip hop fans.I'm always finding out about new music as well as learning new things about stuff I already enjoy.

All of the annotations! You guys are wonderful

All Rap Genius <3

Allows you to decipher the codes to rap


Annotating and checking annotations.

Annotating lyrics and reading tates


Annotations and bbreakdows

Annotations/Reading and listening at the same time

at the moment im mostly part of the forum but the fact that not only i can find lyrics for every song(which helps me more since my native language is greek) and furthermore understand the meaning is impoortant

Being able to contribute to annotations

Being able to keep up with hip-hop news

Being able to understand references and complicated lyrics - being English I find it difficult to pick up certain references as popular culture is very different in the uk

Being mod, occasional chat ethers


Chatting with my friends


Convenience of the website and accuracy of the lyrics. Also the fact that people can show how they interpret song lyrics

Creating annotations, editor chat.

Dedication of users

Easy to use interphase

Editor chat Forums Vast variety of lyrics pages

Editor chat is cool as fuck


Every feature on RapGenius is important to me.








Forums, IQ point system


Giving the inside explanation

Helps me understand what the fuck I listen to every day.

How clean the lyrics are presented

How everyone, even new members, have an equal chance to make annotations.

How people are in love in music in general, it's beautiful.

How the community and fans can gather together on a song page to discuss or debate its meaning.

How you are able to indirectly and at times, directly communicate with certain artists.

I like the way people can put what certain lines mean. I really enjoy reading interpretations, especially when I do not understand what a line means.

I love it's interaction with rap artists. I just wish I hadn't missed that chance to ask Chris Webby a question.

In-depth multimedia analysis of every individual word.

It is a team effort to annotate

It is alive. Other lyrics sites are like dead shells. Rap Genius has character and real people operating it. It has opinions and a certain level of democracy even though it is privately owned.

It is an insightful lyric website that has some great articles about my favorite artists.

It's a source of news about the Hip Hop I like listening to.

Its ease to use

Its endless possibilities!

It's the greatest website concept ever.

It's very friendly and useful

Just the user base and how we can take something so common and make it into something that's huge.

Lil B

Lyric annotations


lyrics to new songs are up quicker than most other websites

Lyrics with a meaning instead of just lyrics. Seeing artists' input on songs to explain their own stuff is really cool. Makes songs more personal. If more people knew lyrics like Rap Genius shows them, rap would be respected by more people.


Mostly everything I want to listen to has someone pointing out the meaning.

Not sure...

p rad community usually


Plenty of information about song lyrics

porn spammers

P-Stunna obviously, what kinda fucking question is this

Sense of community Let's me explore rap more deeply Other things such as fashion genius are interesting
social side of it


That it's very up-to-date.

The amount of information, interactivity

The community

The community Annotations

The community of Hip-Hop fans

The community, having responsibilities as an editor.

The community, music

The community. Its great to be able to talk to people who share a common passion in rap music. Everyone can annotate and feel like they are contributing to the site.

the concept

The diversity of music fans in the forums

The fact that it's service helps define lyrics and plays a pivotal role in hip hop today.

The fact that most songs or transcripts get broken down in a way that can be used in the classroom or broker meetings.

The food

The Forum

The forum

The Forum and annotations

The forum and annotations

The forum and annotations of course

The forum, introduction to new music

The forums

The Forums.

The forums.

The forums. At the same time, however, that's one of the worst things about it tbh.

the general populace

The ideas that are spread about.

The ideas that people come up with.

The in-depth and sometimetimes satyrical meanings of lyrics

The IQ incentive to keep making annotations. Even though it does nothing for you, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

The knowledge i've obtained...i've learned more here on RG than I have in school...i'm sure of it.

The lot of rap song which are explained

The lyrics and how you include the actual audio

the lyrics are almost always spot on, and make for some interesting annotations that are entertaining, even if some are very far fetched,

The lyrics.

The mods are great, and the people here share very similar interests as me.

The open discussions on the forums. The quickness in which one can look up the meaning of any annotated bar.

The people

The people.

The premise of linking images, tweets, other media, other lyrics and the web that creates. RAP MAP. IM A RG EDITOR/MAP MAKER FROM TEXAS. GIS SKILLZ HIRE ME.

The quantity of songs annotated

The vast library of accurate lyrics

They are very fast in annotating new songs and have a lot of obscure songs

Up To Date Lyrics

Updated very fast.

Useful service, great features.

Wide range of music represented

ya got some classic shit. 98% of that new shit is just that.

You can look up the meaning of a song.

You can work on something that interests you and still get recognition for it.

Question 14:What would make you more likely to use RapGenius?

A better controlled forum (content wise). I'd really like a more accurate search bar, and a delete function in threads for comments you post, or at least an edit button. Stuff like that,

A mobile app.

A mobile app.

A mobile application.

A mobile site. But I use it frequently.

A new song is released by a musician I like

ability to use on mobile devices

Already use almost every day

An app with forum/editing capabilities

An App would be helpful and more Facebook posts about upcoming albums.

An smartphone app

Annotate more songs


Being able to see what rank you are in terms of iq for every artist rather than only seeing your top artists.

better editors

better forum

better forums more clean aethestics

Better forums, and a more polished site.

Better mobile layout or an app

Better quality tates

Better searching

Better way to update you on the forum threads. The current notification control at the top makes it so that if you miss one thing, you're essentially behind

Change the color scheme. Seems a bit dark (this coming from a guy who wears a fuckload of black).

Don't know

Expanded topics.


Get rid of all of the trolls.

God mod powers

Having enough faith in the site where I know that if I upload content on the site, at least one more "genius" will look at the content and help analyze/annotate it. Right now, most of the projects/pages I work on are by myself. So I think it's primarily about creating a large enough community with a narrowed down interest of saying, "This is who I am on the site... this is what I'm going to focus on." Also, there is currently so much new information being uploaded. Everything just seems to be interesting. I feel like I individually have a lot of content that I can post, but I choose not to because I don't have enough information to annotate it. Get some tates up!

I already use it a lot lol

I already use it at a high rate.

I already use it the maximum time I can use it.

I don't have the answers

i guess wanting to know more lyrics/ understand shit but generally i can pick shit up.

I think i use it too much actually but fuck rehab

I use it a ton already.

I would recommend and use your site more if you stopped glorifying Kanye West so much.


idk, I want to use it less tbh

If a "Movie Genius" was added

If I got a job there, I mean, I use it a lot.

If I had a job there because I use it so much.. Hahaha!

If I'm able to add tates through my phone.

If Maboo & Co. sent me free Baller Water


If you guys would stop fuckin with google and i could search things easier

Increased depth in lyric explanations.

iOS App

iPhone app

IQ for transcribing Forum pages

It works well, has a huge community.

less threads about kanye

Less trolls

Less trolls. IP bans please.

Lil B

Making this site look better, the blackness is pretty weird tbh.

Mobile app

Mobile version of the forum


more (active) verified artists

More annotations of lesser know artists songs.

More links to info

More moderator privileges More forum features

More music explained from my favorite rappers

More new, up and coming artists added

more Q and A's from verified artists

More quality annotations on songs. There's a ton of important work specifically in Rap Genius that just no one has got to yet, myself included.

More rock songs

More verified explanations and opportunities to interact with the artist.

Nicer users and unprofessional

No shitty annotations that I can't delete but have to edit to improve. Mods want top scholars too!

Not much more

Not sure

Not sure.


Nothing I already use it alot.

Nothing in particular.

Nothing, I am already using it.

Nothing, I use it quite often.

Nothing, it's the only lyrics page i use.




ProducerGenius becoming more developed

return to website layout circa winter 2012

right now im spending much time at the forums.i use it for the main reason but the forums are my thing

Search function in the forums

See changes.

Smarter niggas annotating first

Social networking features

some douches in the forums suck

straight to the point annotations, not 50 different conspiracy theories as to why a stripper should drop it.

The annotations

The banning of SDVG

To further interpret artist's lyrics to see if they have subliminal messages that make me go,"Whoa".

When I publish more songs online

Whenever I hear new music, I come to RG

windows mobile appQuestion 15: Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

Chat is really discouraging to verified artists that log on. If this site is truly 18+, it should be enforced one way or another.


Forums are really going to shit.

Get Kanye verified.

Hello Piozon.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

I find the sites constant promotion of and obsession with Eminem strange for an otherwise pretty hip website.

I heart Rap Genius a lot<333

I would like it if more genres could be represented with as much attention as rap music is given on the site (improve RockGenius, more heavy metal, prog rock, etc).

is it Ralph though?

Is there any way to prevent Yeezus chat?

Just repeating, we need IP bans, or at the very least signing up should require email verification. Im sick of trolls on the forums.

Just... please fix the forums. The forum itself is fine it's just... the users suck.

Keep working hard, you guys are doing a good job

Lil B

Love this site. Keep up the good work! Expecting big things in the future.

Maybe give ya boy some coaching on how to be a moderator...I'd like to be one...



Need to watch these spammers and these bad editors.

new monkey

no sir

No, keep doing what you're doing!

no.i covered everything above

Nope. Thanks.

overall, i really do love rap genius. I would LOVE an android app however, it would be the best thing in the world!

Please put a search function in the forums

return to website layout circa winter 2012

Sometimes the people who run the site do stupid shit or whatever but overall RG is a great place and I consider many users to be internet BFFs and the concept of the website is really awesome.

Stay based

Strawberry Drops Vanilla's Gravity.

swag, chiraq, shout to my nigga jams, thats my nigga

The google thing was a shit move.

Tips to become an editor?

touch my booty so I know its real <3

Whenever an image has an annotation and I scroll all the way down I always get pushed a bit up, not sure why

Whenever I want to know any lyrics to a song, I ALWAYS make sure there's a rapgenius link, otherwise I don't trust em

wheres da porn

Would you bang SDVG?

Yeezus was aight. But if we have to praise a song, can we not make it Blood On The Leaves? Song was trash, bro.

Yes, a comment/concern. People are too violent, too annoying, too easy to hate. We need love, please.Question 16: How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use Rap Genius?
Question 17: How visually appealing is our website?
Question 18: How easy is it to navigate our website?

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