Problem & Iamsu! - Gas (ft. Los) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Problem & Iamsu! - Gas (ft. Los)

Gas Lyrics / Paroles

Louie V
Gas, Gas, Gas
Gas, Gas
Gas, Gas Gas
Gas, Gas

Moe like a phone ain’t rain
boy talking tough light it up BJ
everything bling, cock bang, how do you live shop,
mami with the frame, cold bang with the ear shot,
and I ain’t talking pitches, got me with my scriptures
life be a bitch, poppin’ molly till I flip em,
we we bitch I’m on TV bitch, ain’t p**sy, ain’t bitch,
you won’t see me switch, no.
Buggin like a talking, fit my talking then I talk it,
and hand made ..high as Hollywood, department,
give me white bitches shawty yeah I got that blood
and my goon nigga pig, yeah you got that non sense
somebody’s in truck, oh mama, one trippin low,
fit it like a G no cama I’m fin to go,
partners on any aside the bitch shit the flow,
riding like the whip, with low molish, who need some more,

Gas, gas gas,
gas gas, gas gas
Gas gas.
Who need some more?
Gas gas.
Who need some more?

And everywhere I go, I am more fly
and I don’t ride with pigs like security in both tights,
my city is an offline, ’cause own bullshit don’t fly,
my last breath is how.. approach mine,
I don’t need a coast sign, I don’t need to hand out,
let my nuts hang every day I go command out,
hand up my buss like I wore suit,
and I got work, got it have a ..horrible,
and I guess like the damn..
nigga want the truth, steam your ass like the horny do,
try like.., coke flow, got a bottom line, you can serve a few,
cop jordans by a pair, actually I order too,
they ain’t winning and it’s more to do, and I know that,
me I’m probably go back, like throw backs, I throw racks,
now broke cats call the cat in, and I’m that dip,
every day I’m always where the cash is.

Gas, gas gas,
gas gas, gas gas
Gas gas.
Who need some more?
Gas gas.
Who need some more?
Bad boy

Y’all, hey y’all
I just cut the drop, disgust the new rim,
Bitch I get scrashed like I’m scuffing new team,
’cause I could tell that bitch buy like I’m f*ckin two friends
then I tell that bitch bye like I’m f*cking two fams,
oh gas hundred for the head,
like f*ck the two fry bitch I’m money in the bed,
then my niggas know there’s nothing for the Calibus could..
my niggas throwing I’m flash like they challenge in a play
talk shit till the sun on a Sunday
see what happen to your bitch till you have trainer,
she get smashed ’cause my swag on gas chamber,
if I thought that she felt love I neglect her,
I turn the bad bitch to a belt buck inspector,
I like tricks like hoes, like sluts,
but they ain’t tryin f*ck, that’s a problem like..

Gas, gas gas,
gas gas, gas gas
Gas gas.
Who need some more?
Gas gas.
Who need some more?
Gas gas, gas gas.

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