Problem - On the Way [paroles]

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Problem - On the Way

Paroles: On the Way

It's on the way
Baby it's on the way
(D-d-d-diamond Lane)
It's on the way
Baby it's on the way

[Verse 1]
Real nigga back
Ugh, say it one more time
Real nigga back
Let the mark be me picture that
Y'all know it ain't going down
Y'all know it ain't going down
L game best show in town
Jäg shots going 'round
Turn't in this bitch
Heat close bet a nigga get burn't in this bitch
If he go somebody book a hurt for his clique too
Lunatic, rich, big dick, and I lick too (Big who?)
Money on my mind like the rich do
Six shoot, coughing that shit get a whiff boo, ohh
I got that stank
[?] smell shout-out to young stank
Yea, that's my little brother
Grind from the gutter
Fuck what Wayne does I don't st-st-st-stutter

You lookin' for some molly(?)
My nigga on his way
You lookin' for some bitches
My nigga they on the way
You lookin' for my new shit?
My boy it's on it's way
Any nigga wanna trip on God
It's on its way
Be patient bro!

[Verse 2]
Diamond laners about winnin' we ain't got no options
If it's war then I'm vomit I ain't with the talkin'
Do my stuff, hit the gas, all you see's exhaustion
Four pipes, brake lights, 'til the shot is off em (Bars)
Maybe I'm just different from these other niggas
If I ain't met your momma I ain't fuckin' with ya
Hit bitches with this dick and they be going crazy
I inspired these niggas now they want to hate me
I'm speaking what I know not just what I heard
If it wasn't true it wouldn't have struck a nerve
Whatever that was said they heard my niggas callin'
They like "Why you didn't respond?" Cause I'm too busy ballin!
Like I just moved in the stable
Don't need a jersey on [?] break a nigga's ankles
Fuck a nigga's bitch have her panties by her ankles
(Yeah) P Lo you the nigga for this beat

[Verse 3]
I dick pretty bitches
And that's pretty much how it goes
I don't give a fuck about your race
I'm much more concerned on how good you taste
I'm nasty, ahead of my time brother the future couldn't pass me
Thuggy as fuck but the bitches love my ass, We
Got the Pan-America made the movie on the avi
But that was 2010, let me begin
On God I'm going crazy, taking shots like Navy
Tryna play me I put a baby in your baby boo
A lot of these niggas gon' hate me, coo'
That's fine, it makes no sense so don't pay me no mind
I'm just doing my thing Diamond Lane is the gang forever
Out in the Bay HBK we gon' reign forever
Being friends don't make ends so I aim wherever
Shots on to the clock dies (Diamond)