Problem - Understand Me (ft. Wale) [paroles]

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Problem - Understand Me (ft. Wale)

Paroles: Understand Me

[Verse 1: Problem]
Fake nigga yeah I got the gem,
Oh you’re thirsty get out my dem,
Buzzin lean for the paper, hundred proof no chaser
That’s your bitch I’m a take her
You’re a banker I need some cookies to smoke
Shit rap don’t work, take a tookie aproach
Whole mamas for real, plow plow plow
Ye I got me a lil
Fuck that I’d rather pop me a pill
And turn this motherfucker up
Turn this fucker up
You looking too long
Boy I fuck you up
Diamond in the rough, blind when I stuck
Married to the grind bout to buy me a tuc
Nigga I’m fresh, nigga I’m next
Gold on my chest, hoes to my left
Bros on my right, this is my life
I’m about to make a movie
I need to call spike

[Hook: Problem]
I don’t do fake you understand me
I don’t do hate you understand me
Smokin and I get cake, you understand me
Real nigga all day, you understand me
It’s all day, you understand me
It’s all day, you understand me
You understand me, you understand me
It’s like this all day
You understand me

[Verse 2: Problem]
Pushing down the block watching for the cops
Checking these traps looking for the gwap
Flow so clean I don’t need to mop
Make the scene go dumb when the shit drop on
Boom, you feel that? you feel that?
Pussy, pussy, pussy kill that I kill that
I seen her eyes now your girl she wanna chill, wanna chill at
Wanna be with a real one
That’s by me, by me
I stay Miley wapped in that key big tree
Like a Forrest no Gump, I be throwing in the corner straight slumb
Thought he was a big dog now he acting like a pup
She be funny to me
Everything’s about money to me
Turn a rachet to a diva
Molly all in my tequila
Jerry smoking too hot ….. the song


[Verse 3: Wale]
Where the hoes at? when I’m in town
No where that Prozac? no I been down
Where the hoes at? when I’m in town
Where the hoes at? when I’m in town
No where that Prozac? no I been down
I’m crenshaw that in a rent house coolin’
Chillin, really, my fit is on Pluto
Juno what the kick game
Skirt thats the wood grain
Banana cup about this, I aint talkin bout a big plane
Niggas skip bail hatin’ and I see ya player
Its same rare SB’s and we aint skatin’ neither
And you baby mama try and play the feild
No wonder why she have her sittin’ by a Laker player
Staples Center Kobe put up like forty
Italy with the homies shorty want my cenole
Back to L.A., flight club mela
Grey stone I can make a broad actin’ yellin’
Put it in her mouth then we out
Everybody know what we about
You understand me?