Paroles: Wild Nights

[Verse 1]
Watch these hoes, they quick to tell you what these bums say
Shut your trap, bitch, you messy as a subway (Bitch shut up)
Where I'm from, B.S. only end one way (Uh)
It's all good 'til that pillow talk turn to gunplay
Niggas should feel gay askin' 'bout another man
Give you the finger, then I knock you with the other hand (Fuck you)
Fuck them clicks, fuck them likes, I'm the top rhymin'
Long way from servin' Sacks eatin' Top Ramen
Just gettin' high, yeah, it's time to bring them cars out
Need to smoke, little decks, pull them cards out
You best be ready if you tryna go the war route
Everybody get shots, you would think we bought a bar out
Baby schooled me, now we zoomin' up Mulholland Drive
Look my way, she tried to trip, told her, "Shut up and drive" (Shut up)
She knew to listen, other bitches blowin' up my phone (Fuck?)
She started yellin', told her, "Quick, you better watch your tone"
In the car, P don't argue 'less it's 'bout the bread
Ain't 'bought shit without the chips, like a county spread
Hit your baby momma house, had her spread her legs
Bust my nut and then I dip before she make the bed (Skrrt)
Yeah, I'm a dawg but the Eagle bark (Woof)
Poor butcher but I'll make 'em tear your meat apart
Ferrari swervin', pull up servin' all you garbage cans
Hit the stash, one hunnid grand in a Target bag

We used to play the hellcat, birdie BMW
Bottles and free dope'll have these bitches lovin' you
Shipment just came in, active, go pick it up
We got the best grey, yeah, they try to skip it up

[Verse 2]
The money good but I'm feelin' funny inside
Swear I ain't been the same since Jen died
Since the funeral, I cried like ten times
I still ain't over it, if I can keep it ten dimes
Dry my eyes, keep it movin', I got bags to get (I do)
Smellin' like weed in the boujeest establishments (I do)
You girl a bop though I didn't, yeah, I coulda hit her
Coke head, you shoulda seen how that sugar hit her

Loud pipes, wild nights, shorty, that's my life
I take one 'fore I let you take one for me
Shoutout my homie, Gizzle, she's a fresh ass *bleep*
I fuck all the hoes, please save some for me

[Verse 3]
Yeah, it's all about the money, man, these niggas don't matter
Rich or broke, poor or rich, man, these niggas gon' chatter
Baby tryna come up so she lookin' for ladders
Beef time, yeah, I swear we put these niggas on platters
And eat 'em up
Instead of shootin' niggas, yeah, I'd rather beat 'em up (Beat 'em up)
'Cause if we pop, nigga's gon' tell and I'ma be in cuffs (Pussy)
Diamond Lane, we for playin', it's just me and luck
Niggas like us 'cause we been on their song, let's keep it buck (Haters)
I was livin' in my Honda when my first born
Ticker text me, I came quick like a good porn (Ma)
Jaylen came then my temperment had changed some
Studio on Derm, pull a shotty on my day ones

Had to let these niggas know I'm on that dumb shit
You come in here and disrepect me, I'ma bust this
I'ma give it to you raw like a slap, bitch

Problem, the one nigga y'all don't wanna fuck with
P-P-Problem, the one nigga y'all don't wanna fuck with
P-P-Problem, the one nigga y'all don't wanna fuck with
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