Prodigy - Girls, Girls Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Prodigy - Girls, Girls Freestyle

Girls, Girls Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Verse 1(Big Wann/Bando Wando)

Yall know it's big wann I shouldn't even have to tell yall dat
Bouta freestyle this shit...Haha

Nah it's a plane in this bitch
And yal know det we th best
And we be murderin beats like where th fuck th body bags
Hands down bar for bar
Yeah I know that im th best
And I get flagrant on th beat like where th fuck is th refs

I love a bitch that's givin head, ain't givin neck then that's a tech
Th way that I be shootin at her she gon need a body vest
And all I smoke is loud, hella purple in my chest
I got this ham for my haters its gon buck if u take a step

Better duck or get wet
Cuz im aimin at your neck
Yeah my words im still th best
Nah beter yet th greatest
And ion fuck wit these niggas who ain't livin what they sayin
Ima make it wit this rap shit, at the top is where im aimin

Verse 2(Boo Gotti)

This th'planes mu fucka get wit it or get lost
If you come across that water u gon get yo yp knocked off
My team tough, we are not soft
Got a lil bad bitch im tryna get my rocks off
First you gotta take my rocks off
Girl you be foolin
U da girl that always be choosin
Im getting all this bread girl I be foolin
Freestyle girl I be foolin
Pockets on I got it
If you got it in then
Ima have to hide it far from a seller
Nigga im th captain
Money addin up
Never subtractin freestyle

Verse 3 (Sean P)#RIP

Yea 16 barz straight out th head freestyle...Man kush turn my freestyle up real quick

Yea its a plane
An im th pilot of this plane
So get th fuck out of my lane
While im chasin all dis fame
Dees hoes th same
All dese hoes is th same
I fuck em
And then I duck em
And have em screamin my name
Same gang have em screamin plane gang
An fuck u haters ima sit back and blo on this mary jane
My swag insane did u see my shoe game
I even got kicks wit no shoe strangs
I fucked th beat up then came
Cuz it was screamin my name
An on th back of th crew eck it say same gang
An all of my niggas wearin and reppin th same thng
When I make it ima still be doin th same thang Haaa

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