Prodigy - Strung Out [Lyrics/Paroles]

Prodigy - Strung Out

Strung Out Lyrics / Paroles

I’m like a fucking crack head for this rap music
I’m strung out on this shit, ah
I’m like a fucking base head, turn the base up
I’ll show you how to rap on this shit ah

I got 900 thousand bars you playing games with it
I don’t fuck around nigga, I slay lyrics
Too much powerful all rapping the hash
So they try to black ball my name, you do the math
The bullshit don’t add up, when they see me in the flesh
they subtract they thug
I divide they swag, with all of my guns
give your little jewelries to my little men bra
shop on the moon, find myself amongst stars
In another galaxy
and I got the ghetto me
Cause no matter where I go
niggas try to stun on you, make a name off of you

[Hook: x2]

Yeah nigga, we ain’t fucking playing with you niggas
man, iller tracks, Montreal, you heard
from fucking queens to your hood bitch
show you how to do this shit man
I’ll show you how to do this shit
it’s that hood shit, that hardcore gangsta shit, you heard
that feel good music, it’s that new york shit
it’s that, it’s that infamous shit,
all my Canada niggas, all my Montreal niggas roll
Yeah, illa, illa tracks

Yeah you motherfuckers right, so what I need you to do is
turn this shit up very fucking loud or bring it back with the top
…this rap music is all we fucking know
this shit is do or die you heard
I don’t know how to do nothing else
I don’t wanna know how to nothing else
fuck a job, fuck school,
It’s what I do, I don’t give a fuck at you lil nigga
hey yo lil nigga, let me tell you something
you do what you do, you stay in school, you do whatever the fuck you do
this what I do man, this my shit, you heard
it’s either this or nothing at all
you can’t tell me shit about hip hop
you can’t tell me shit about rap music man
fuck out my face, bitch!

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