Protoje - Can't Feel No Way [paroles]

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Protoje - Can't Feel No Way

Paroles: Can't Feel No Way

Can't feel no way no

Drop di ancient future
Di man dem neva give no grammy to di king
Can't feel no way doe
Music a play doe
Fry fish, bammy to me ting
Man celebrate life
Happy me living
Man elevate high, gravity missing
Man set di bass like, [?] fi di first place prize
[?] work man haffi do di drill
Have di technique right, hop inna di skill
Me a hear bout shella, man deh a coachella
Tell a likkle [?] seh fi buil
Tell a man devil to di ting
Like how killa tell [?] sekkle di riddim

Is there a DJ
That let Jah music play
Is there a DJ
Music is the love of my life
Can't Feel No Way

[Verse 2]
Drop the seven year itch and me know even eleven years mek di devil ears chip
Cyaa box I in anuh heavyweight dis
Lemme tell yuh place dis
If you cyaa own yuh masters lef di slaveship
Me memba di fuss time me lef di spaceship
Now a di issue dem soff like tissue
Dat's why dem mek di same shh-
So me set di pace quick and me mek di place stiff like twenty facelif
Mek di bass kick and mek di snare sick
No exit lane six
Dem cyaa ketch di drive weh mi have
Not even inna X 5 tek time rent I
You cudda live inside a me hand
Even Steph Curry cyaa ketch di vibe weh mi have


[Verse 3]
Drop 8 year affair
Earth shake like earthquake I swear
Dem nuh flow like Black River
Dem nuh big like the birth place
From di first rate
Dem sight di work rate
And see it ago tek time fi turn great
But Jah Jah told me fi get my own plate
Sharpen mi knife fi slice me own cake and share
Doe watch di industry, no
Hopeless and unfair
But those without fair
Cyaa buss like coconut and pear
Halfway tree square (Downtown!)
So mek dem gwaan tink seh dem run town
Dat only one [?] and a run roun
Yow Runkus come mek we lock di compound
Run come