Quavo (Migos) - Tha Truth [Lyrics/Paroles]

Quavo (Migos) - Tha Truth

Tha Truth Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: [?] (Quavo)]
I understand, but this is my proposition for y'all. When you came out that mothafuckin' studio, that was one time I almost got killed. (Yup) Yup, I know that. So it's 5 other times that I almost got killed and listen here, my blood brother...
...And I know who got the 3 piece, Fat Trel, he got that 3 piece chain (We know, we know who got that too, we know all that) So do [?] got that or no?

[Hook: Quavo]
Lil' boy don't play with me, lil' boy, lil' boy don't play with me
Little boy, never been a gangsta, lil' boy don't play with me
Small, lil' boy don't play with me, wipe that lil' baby
Lil' boy don't play with me, small ball, fuck nigga
Do you know who I am? Lil' boy don't play with me
Head honcho, you think you can come up off me
Don't you dare play with me
Peon, you thinkin' that you can come up off of me
Little boy, don't you play with me
Don't play with me, lil' boy don't play with me
Don't play with me, don't you dare, lil' boy don't play with me

[Verse: Quavo]
Lil' boy, can't handle the pressure
Cause the world know you got the QC pendant
Look at him scared in the interview
Got him shakin' out his britches
I'ma tell 'em how it went down
Nigga jumped off the stage, started walkin' through the crowd
I'm the last one walkin' through the door
So they took the opportunity to hit a lick now
One nigga tried to go snatch it
Hit him with the Hennessy, broke the glasses
'Nother nigga grabbed my chain, then he ran to the left
What type of real street nigga leave his partner by himself?
My chain gone, it's all good though
You just made me re-up on pot of gold
But don't think this shit is all good though
You might as well hide in a spider hole
Potato on the snug nose
Call my niggas Migo Idaho
You fuckin' with the wrong rappers, mane
We know your address and we got your name
All this for a QC chain?
Like your mama say, boy you in hot water
Put him on the menu, put him on the plate
Cause Quavo wanna make an order

[Hook: Quavo]

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