QUE. - Games [Lyrics/Paroles]

QUE. - Games

Games Lyrics / Paroles


Fuck these hoes man, on my momma


I'm done with the fucking games(4x)

I ain't fucking with nomore ungrateful bitches

Little petty ass, spiteful and hateful bitches

And if it ever feel like a nigga can take yo bitch, 9 times outta 10

She prolly ain't yo bitch you digg

I'm done with the fucking games(4x)

[Verse 1]

On my dead baby i tried to change, but i ain't with the fucking games

I dont even fuck with i can't, this ain't no fucking charade

Dawg all of these bitches I treat em the fucking same

Thats a promise im making, Im taking that to my fucking grave

My past 3 bitches i refrain from hitting shit

My first one was just addicted to lame niggas

Second bitch i was with was addicted to pain killers

And my present bitch was my side bitch, that my main tender

Break your back for a ho, she gon want you to break it some more

BITCH PLEASE, that ain't the way it go

I ain't chasing none of you hoes, I might sprain my toe

And I dont like injuries, all that love shit a parody

I'd rather snack on some asparagus, fuck it im arrogant

I dont want your heart, baby girl you can spare me.. BITCH


[Verse 2]

The bitches with the best pussy, they be the pettiest

Ugly bitches, sexy bitch we know who the messiest

Its the pretty hoes, broke as fuck but piece of diddy though

Putting on, bitch flexing like fuck

Is you sick or is you not, is you pregnant or what

How you at a pool party you just had an abortion

Something fishy going on, i think they call for extortion

Nigga tricking on you, bitch i know you had an endorser

Why you want a child, bitch you couldn't take care your yorkie

Who you think you fooling with the fake celine bag

First time we fucked, bitch I fucked on the bean bag

And I used to fuck all your friends back when we road the G-Wag

The young nigga drop, that when you threw the pussy

And i wasn't even shocked, cause i know you been looking

And just like a nigga, i said fuck it and took it

As dizzy try to tell me that your forever crooked.. BITCH!


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