QUE. - Please Everybody [Lyrics/Paroles]

QUE. - Please Everybody

Please Everybody Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Young Shad]


All I got is this L, all I got is this drink

Reflecting to myself, sit around and just think

I can’t please everybody, I can’t please everybody

[Verse 1]

It’s been a long time since I done helped myself

Over and over I done stretched myself

Keep telling myself slow down and catch my breath

And Lord knows I’m doing all I can

I find myself again, I’m only one man

Chain smoking to deal with all my pain

Knowing cancer running in my fam

And I’m a hero to them like it’s an S on my chest

If I break down it’ll be a domino effect

And my mama keep on telling me to leave the drink alone

But I’m like mama when I’m high the only time the rain is gone

Wish I could hit my grandma on her cell

Just to tell her that sometimes her baby be feeling like


[Verse 2]

I done took care of niggas and treated niggas like blood

Kept em in fresh new gear just for the club

Put money in their pocket and provided all the drugs

And I still swept all of their fuck shit under the rug

Despite having friends tryna steal from a nigga

Tryna throw me off by saying they gone kill for a nigga

But that tough guy shit don’t appeal to a nigga

Cut em off, now it is what it is for them niggas

Lot of love, lot of fandom, lot of mooching

And they was all so called shooters

And you wonder why I get on, tryna shit on these niggas

Cause bitch I done did a lot of shit for these niggas

Been a whole lot of money I done spent on these niggas

Talking time after time, paying rent for these niggas

I’m sick of these niggas, it’s bitch in these niggas

My heart done turned cold, blood is brick on these niggas


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