QUE. - Stick Up Kid

Stick Up Kid Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by 30Roc]

[Intro: YouTube sample]

I'm finna put something on you so cold

I'm finna put something on you so cold, nigga

On my momma


If mama knew about all them licks I hit

She’d have a motherfucking fit, flip and split my wig

That’s why I’ll probably never tell her all the shit I did

If moms only knew her son was a stick up kid

The stick up kid, stick up kid, stick up kid, I was the stick up kid

Stick up kid, stick up kid, stick up kid, I was the stick up kid

[Verse 1]

The old me would’ve robbed all [these ?] suckers

Used to hit the locker room with the lock cutter

All inside the classroom with a box cutter

Found a pistol plug, went and bought a Glock from him

Hooping with some scholarships, still buying bags

Moms found the stash, asked how I got the cash

Said you better come clean with your lying ass

(And where you get that scale?)

I stole it from my science class

Had to lick a laptop from my math teacher

Woulda let her keep it if she woulda passed me

Took it straight to the trap where a nigga cashed me

Used to be the stick up kid, wearing fucking khakis


[Verse 2]

Ain’t never been the type to cook or play around with the powder

Rather raid your spot, and fill up that Eddie Bauer

We're getting buckets on niggas and jugging kush, quarter pounders

Busting nuggets down nigga, on my mama’s kitchen counter

I was on some hot shit, little did she know

In 08 them folks tried to send me up the road

In 9th grade niggas tried to play me like a ho

That’s when my teacher seen my brass knuckles fall out on the floor

In 06, I was just a freshman in [?]

Mouth full of gold, tryna flex for the hoes

Juuging and hooping, that was my only two skills

Used to do some dumbass shit just for the thrill


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