QUE. - Weak (feat. Young Dolph) [Lyrics/Paroles]

QUE. - Weak (feat. Young Dolph)

Weak Lyrics / Paroles


You fell in love, with the pussy

You weak nigga (You weak nigga!)

They sat you down, and you told

You weak nigga (You weak nigga!)

She fucked your homie, now you depressed

You weak nigga (You weak nigga!)

Let niggas ho you, that's disrespect

You weak nigga (You weak nigga!)

[Verse 1: Young Dolph]

You fell out with your motherfucking right hand man bout some motherfucking bread

You a bitch nigga

Rule number one never break the G code

Never change no matter how broke or how rich nigga

Only one exception, no love for snitch niggas (I hate them!)

Fuck em' 100 round slug em' eat a dick nigga

Got two half a bricks around my neck nigga that's a Kilo

On that Scarface shit pull up in that Porsche like Al Pacino

I'm in the hood like Nino

Black ass motherfucker in the hood clocking scrilla

You fell in love with that bitch, you weak nigga

What the hell is you doing, she a freak nigga


[Verse 2: Que]

You and your partner got to laughing bout a ho you tried to both fuck

And you went back pilow talking like a bitch, Nigga nah you ain't got no nuts

That ain't his fault that the ho you housing just chose up

You a [?] nigga grow up

Catching feelings them the signs of a weak nigga

And pretty soon I bet she trick you out these streets nigga

You think she ain't out fucking round, boy you sleep nigga

You peak, the only time she calling when you on your feet nigga

That's cause she know you really a sweet nigga

The true definition of being weak nigga


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