Quentin Miller - Correct (ft. Sy Ari Da Kid)

Correct Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Quentin Miller]
It's what you've all been waiting for
Let me get some good [?]
Fucking do this verse
Yeah, yeah

[Hook: Quentin Miller]
This ain't politically correct
This might offend my political connects

[Verse 1]
Made hip-hop fans literally upset
What happens next?
Your guess is as good as my guess
Soul searching, they took the soul from me
Old powers that be, they lost control of me
A new Quentin, I'm too different
The old one is, long gone
New beat, different song son
You don't wanna have the bars [?]
We can box 'till your arms numb
I push my whip like a drop 'till that drop comes
I found out that you niggas can't stop what God plotted
The boy poppin'
More money and girls more clothes options
At all times keep it a hundred thousands
[?] worldwide, made it my momma housing
Making hip-hop history, that's what I'm about

[Hook: Quentin Miller]
This ain't politically correct
This may offend my political connects

[Verse 2: Sy Ari]
Yeah, I see they're literally upset
But I ain't that nigga that you physically could check
Plus I am who they lyrically respect
Cause they was sleeping on me, when I didn't even rest
Ain't impressed by, what you can bench press
How you know the game, when you ain't by the bench yet?
Cause these niggas counting what we ain't even spent yet
But check positive pregnancy tests, I know you heard 'bout the kid
But I could care less about what you heard out in dig, ya dig?
[?] thought I got my words out the fridge
We getting too old for this shit, I feel like [?]
I was told to conceal my lethal weapon inner
They look that gifted cause we was present
I told Quentin "we got 'em" we just gotta keep progressing
They wanna heal a stuffy nose like heat congested
And peep the method, and they try to say
They ain't see them texts
So when it happens, they'll act like they ain't recieved the message
Just keep laughing, proceed to exit
The season where demons compete with legends
We blessed

[Hook: Sy Ari]
This ain't politically correct
This may offend my political connects

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