Quentin Miller - UnHOLY [Lyrics/Paroles]

Quentin Miller - UnHOLY

UnHOLY Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Quentin Miller]
For a minute now

[Hook: QM]
I haven't heard your name in a minute now
You been considered lame for a minute now
You haven't had a hit in a minute now
Tryin to reel it in, know you fishin now

[Verse 1: QM]
All this shit that you been poppin off
There is nothin for it
Quit my job and made more money unemployed
You can throw them shots at me
Lets start a war
When it comes to jabbin
Im as good as Floyd
I was never Gang Gang
I was 1317 the whole time
In your city, Check fleece, Track and field, the whole nine
I've been making progress, my nigga I ain't lying
When you cannot stop this
Can't even slow it down
Im really off yall
Melrose straight to Nike Golf
Aww hell, I just went off
Aww, there should be a couple pallbearers just to take this beat
And bury it
Hit your bitch, she hit the notes that Mariah Carey hits
Last time I checked I was a ghost
Now that's some scary shit
Hop up on the scene, feeling like a fresh black casper
Put my daughter feet up in some new air maxes
Damn, Uncle Sam want a verse I got to tax em
Push my '97 like a brand new Jaguar
Wax on! No mister miyagi, Roll, rollin like Kelly
Fuck around with my family
I got buns off belly, man..

[Hook 2: Quentin Miller]
Its been a minute now
Its been a little minute now
Niggas thought I would be finished now
Damnnnn.. you still in this now?


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