R. kelly - This ain't just no sex

This ain't just no sex Lyrics / Paroles

Uhuu, girl, this ain't just no sex, no
That we have in here, that we have in here!
Baby, baby, baby!...

We broke up with each other then got right back together,
I tell you, sometimes love is the strangest!
Whether you're from the suburbs or the hood,
You know that love is a pain that can make you feel so good!
It will take you on a trip, and you'll enjoy the ride,
Out you up, up, like a rocket, then drop you off the sky!
But not you baby! not you girl!
I believe that you're true, baby!
See, you got me baby...
About to make my mind, with no regrets!
So before we take our clothes,
There is something I want you to know, baby!

This ain't just no sex to me
Baby, this ain't just no sex to me
Girl, I want you to know that
This ain't just no sex to me
Ain't just no sex to me
This ain't just no sex to me, baby!

Now we've been... cursing each other out,
Baby, we didn't say some fine shit about our mouths
Knowing we never mean hurt each other,
But the reason we do it, is because we're both some damn jealous!

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