R-Mean - Nothing Left To Lose (ft. Jason French ) [Lyrics/Paroles]

R-Mean - Nothing Left To Lose (ft. Jason French )

Nothing Left To Lose Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Jason French]
Nothing left to lose
Lay it on the line
Now's your time to shine
You got nothing left to lose
Keep yourself in the game
You got everything to gain
When you got nothing left to lose

[Verse 1: R-Mean]
Don’t let ‘em get to you baby
Don’t let ‘em take whatever’s left of you baby
They bring you down cause you letting ‘em, don’t allow it
See your success what’s upsetting ‘em
Fucking cowards
Some people just be full of that hate
Like they make it their sole purpose to ruin my day
Tryna take away my dreams that’s not even grown
Just cause they didn’t have the courage to follow their own
Well I got news for you fam, you don’t even exist
Your mother didn’t raise you right, you son of a bitch
My mama said with sorrow
Just be a leader and success will follow
I down a bottle because I know how it feels to be broke to my last penny
Cope cause you're passed ready
Hope never had any
So you can take me as a joke, c’mon laugh at me
But I’mma go on, cause there’s nothing left to lose

[Verse 2: R-Mean]
I don’t believe in luck I believe in blessings
I believe in hard work, don’t believe in presents
See they might give you a hand as a sign of respect
But then throw it back in your face first chance that they get
Cause ain’t no such thing as favors
You all on your own
Only you not, cause all you need is God and you gone
Believe that bro
Somebody told me happiness is a choice and I chose to believe that so
I started searching
What is and isn’t working
Look at life, cut out the malignancies like a surgeon
I learned you can’t rush greatness, it ain’t gotta be now
So I been staying patient with no hospital gown
But sometimes you feel the urge to just give it all up
You know it can’t get worse than this
You wanna grab the burner, hurt ‘em cause you're hurt and pissed
But instead I turn to this, cause I got nothing left to lose

[Bridge: Jason French]
Nothing left to lose
Nothing left for me to lose
Nothing else for me to do

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