Raekwon - Call Of Duty (ft. Akon) [paroles]

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Raekwon - Call Of Duty (ft. Akon)

Paroles: Call Of Duty (ft. Akon)

[Hook: Akon]
This is a renegade salute, yeah we on that
And keep what we kill, yeah we on that
We never fightin’ we just cock and go click clack
Turn that ass ‘round, bring it all back
Know you see me
I know you see me
I know you see me

[Bridge: Akon]
Everybody call me the top [?]
Run it down to the end of the dragon
This is a callout, callout, callout
Are you ready for the massacre?
Somebody throwing down, down, down, down
Sirens blaring, but they can’t help you now
Sirens, can’t help you now

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Murder by numbers in Monaco
We all fresh to death, big white thing go kinda slow
Got my elites in the suites, my stones is roughed up
Camouflage pants, my gold cheek
When we go, yo, we go together
Whatever is said, it’s still combat boots on the door
Still get a million a week, got the lions in the yard
Barbeque and breadsticks and chic
Fly generals, international, rational raps
Who kill like ten percent of these rats
My team thumpin’ in the crunches
We fucks with the hard, not anything else just on


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Tiger claw scar on his neck, rockin’ links
Mad Bull PTS riles and minks