Raekwon - Can't Believe (Remix) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Raekwon - Can't Believe (Remix)

Can't Believe Lyrics / Paroles

[Kung fu sample]

You have to learn mercy

Otherwise, you will learn bad ways

You have been confined here, for one month already

But you still haven't grasped this basic principle

I feel sorry for you, my boy

[Intro: Blue Raspberry]

I've been living in this world

Not knowing where I'm going (knowing where I'm going)

This world ain't showing

That it's gonna get better, better (yeah, it's gonna be trouble again)

[Beanie Sigel]

My days getting shorter, my nights getting longer

My cell getting smaller, my son getting taller

I exercise my mind, my body getting stronger

But my blood getting colder, heart getting harder

My chances for appeal, getting slimmer

My skin getting brighter, my hair getting thinner

See, when you stressed out, you could age fast in here (have mercy)

I done seen weak niggas not last a year, so before lights out

I write my kids every night, kiss the stamp on the kite

And say a prayer, I hope it lands safe in this flights

I pray they sleep safe through the night

Try to teach my son right, give him some jewels

But it's hard to raise my boy from this visiting room

Many cells turned to prisoner's tombs

I just pray I don't die in here, and last night I almost cried a tear

(have mercy)

[Hook: Raekwon w/ Blue Raspberry ad-libbing]

To all my gun holders, stand up, get it

Cuz when the killas come around, it's on

Bullets get blown, warn 'em and they re-up fast

Say some back shit, your flagship gone

Can't play the building no more

Can't hang around by the store no more

It's really on, you a dickhead

Now you a dead man with no hand

Now you can't believe you jammed


Between my six niggas, sixty years, stay in the crispy airs

Hundreds, blunted, we up top, switching lairs

Money equal power, horror equal real when borrowed

Ratchet barrel under your ears

Mean streets in the middays, they robbers, but life's so hard

Even the cops clutter us to starve us (have mercy)

The killas is star struck, look at the cars and trucks

Rambo guns, it's hard to get luck

Whether fail or a come up, your number is up

Period, make you bleed Caesarean

Chop through your body, leave you right in the lobby

Hear me, kid? Extra holes right in your derriere

The blitzes, the rushes'll touch something, back in the cells

Two days later, yup, back in them cuffs again

Or leaning on the customers, hustlers, my hood illustrious

Marvelous raps, screw on mufflers (have mercy)


[Blue Raspberry]

Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh

It hurts my heart, to see what's going on

Young men dying now, children going when they're born

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh whoa

Oh no, oh whoa, where is this world going to? I don't know

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