Raekwon - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

Could It Be I'm Falling In Love Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Wow I smelt the pussy up, awesome
I came with a bang, filled the condom up, Rae you a bossman
Right in front of Saks, flagging me like she knew me for years
I’m from academies where niggas dress casually
Ass was thunder, hips curvy, the wizzy was thirty
Dizzy bird who worked the Walt Disney in Germany
Fly green eyes, a black woman
Known to attack men, catch them in their lies, call it perjury
Dress her ass off and dance
An R&B queen who love hard niggas rhyming, she a fan
Everyday we fuck, I’m intrigued by that
Her outfits was mean, she went to sleep in
I fiends for that then we fuck, fuck
Boo let me get some juice, what what
Keep it moving just fuck me, that’s enough, enough
Fuck me in my ass and I bust
Busted on her ass, I’m in lust

[Verse 2: The Spinners]
Since I met you, I’ve begun to feel so strange
Every time I speak your name, that’s funny
You say that you are so helpless too
That you don’t know what to do
Each night I pray there will never come a day
When you up and take your love away
Say you feel the same way too
And I wonder what it is I feel for you

[Hook: The Spinners]
(Could it be I’m falling in love?)
With you, baby
(Could it be I’m falling in love?)
(Could it be I’m falling in love?)
With you
With you
With you
(With you)

[Verse 3: The Spinners]
I don’t need all those things that used to bring me joy
You’ve made me such a happy boy
And honey, you’ll always be the only for me
Meeting you was my destiny
You can be sure I will never let you down
When you need me I’ll be around
And darling you’ll always be the only for me
Heaven made you specially


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