Raekwon - Flawless

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Raekwon - Flawless

Paroles: Flawless

Ever since I was 13, my biggest problem has been just to find the right road to get to that rainbow that everybody talks about
Like most people get close enough to count the stripes
But they don't have enough guts to reach out and take that pot of gold

What up my dude, you know
Going through a lot and all that man
That's why you be strong, you know what I'm saying
Feel great boy (Staten Island over yeah)
It's going now ([?])
Holla at the kid
(Let's go chef)

[Verse 1]
I'm flawless, the gowns that I rock is cashmere
Then roam through the lab with the hammer and black Airs
Thinking 'bout plans that's real, laying the bill
Drop a new classic album, my masters will
Enlighten your mind, I'm writing on times
When the youth reach real situations and they thoughts are blind
You know when I float a moment is fine, glass of wine
New elegance, the greeze just pass through the mind again
What happened, rap made it happen, back when
Two turn tables and a needle, action
We all huddled up, that's it, classic shit
Only our kind adapt to shit
Start rapping 'bout cracks and Pimps, cash to get
Call it C.R.E.A.M. now, no grind don't ask for shit
We bastard thick, pass the spliff

Name of this piece is called "my bitch better have my money" (applause)
My bitch better have my money, through rain, sleet or snow
My ho better have my money
Not half, not some, but all my chash
Because if she don't, I'mma put my foot in her ass

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