Raekwon - Neither One Of Us [paroles]

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Raekwon - Neither One Of Us

Paroles: Neither One Of Us

This for all them real niggas, man, that just be on some moves
Study your history, know what time it is
Move general, you heard?

[Verse 1]
Gold jewels ain’t my thing, kid, I’d rather wear none
Them vehicles I fly around I gave to my son
Rowin’ waves, blowin’ haze, watchin’ raisin in the sun
Young buck buyin’ some Bucks, the suede ones
My life story was right, shorty, cousins’ll fight for me
Blood, let’s wild out, let’s ride for the white, call me
Got older, got bolder, staircase days
Forty ounces, big bags to blaze, wearin’ capes
Baggin’ for hours, cookin’ up, wolves with power
Hookin’ up, those devoured, weak niggas foul up
No follow-up, then the connect came, we swallow up
Payin’ more, then we came with short money, pile it up
Rockin’ them niggas, they rockin’ us back
‘Cause every day we thrust back, felt like the work’ll reverse that
My worst cat’ll blow you in the church, black
The day that we felt got jerked we came to two guns and three bats

[Hook: Gladys Knight]
It’s sad to think…
We’re not gonna make it…

[Verse 2]
For real, son…
We’ll break your legs for steak and eggs, the menu is takin’ regs
Beef patties with cheese, a Widala state at Ted’s

Bagged him, now we strong as hell and no goin’ backwards
Leather jackets, new Astons, Mosans, crew flashin’
Jealousy around the corner, niggas got two castles
Some with coke, some bubble capsules
Some went and sold dope, some came back broke and askin’
The lifestyle is real, it can switch in a flash, kid
From livin’ right to livin’ and gone in a splash, kid
Think back to yesterday’s tactics
Should’ve been an actor…
Blessings, then he became a rapper

[Outro: Gladys Knight]
For some ungodly reason
We just won’t let it die (let it die…)
I guess neither one of us (neither one of us…)
Wants to be the first to say goodbye