Raekwon - Soldier Story (feat. Jd Era) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Raekwon - Soldier Story (feat. Jd Era)

Soldier Story (feat. Jd Era) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1:]
From out the rising sun up north, I'm [?]
Writing poetry, click clack, my brain it go off
Latest [?] down, I copped them [?] new town

Suckers switch rhymes, patterns on point, flexing slick lines
Catch me in the crease of the beast, Lexus big tires
Always been a leader homeboy, niggas I blow the beef up
[?] thousands of talents, good with nine hundred of them
Niggas don't eat, [?]
If you call collect, you better say what's up with them
If you borrow the tech, you better have a muscle on them
Spear, you better have a puzzle for them
If we borrow some gear, you know to bring the duffel for them
No we don't just hustle, all we do is tussle for it
Get [?] amount

We don't talk cause talk's cheap
Lose paper I lose sleep
Like a steel drum
This a dedication to the real ones
From NY to Long Beach
To the [?] die streets
Lose paper or lose sleep, nigga
My shit banging in your eardrum
Hey, this a dedication to the real ones

[Verse 2:]
I'm writing to give you more of me, there's more to see
More than petty wars and monotonous beef
A militia, ice water diamond steep
Your rhymes is weak, and you don't [?] a line to speak
[?] freeze, [?] climb in sheets
About a dollar, I could go through ten dimes in a week
Sick of chasing stars with spacious cars
Hoping they take it abroad in a place so hard
That I could replace my broad and replace my job
I pray that God grant me whatever I deserve
Legend of the curve

This a dedication to the real ones


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