Raekwon - Stop Tripping [paroles]

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Raekwon - Stop Tripping

Paroles: Stop Tripping

[Intro: Raekwon]


We back

Now let me tell you niggas for real

[Verse 1: Raekwon]

Hey yo, for real

Check it

Back of the limo blowing grass

Play the demo, broke a glass

Gazelles is crashed

Check the rim homie

Jumoed out

Hammer on me glamour

Velvet blazer, light green Brooks Bros. shirt

Pair of Stans on me

Contemplating jump in a cab or jump in the Navi

She hate me

Got caught doing threesomes in the Jag

Rolling joints (?)

No points

Nigga now you gotta go

She kicked me out of my shit yo

I said cool, no more love I gotta move

I left smooth

Punched a hole in the wall and blew

I had the Call of Duty Wrangler outside

Snakeskin skin, gold madam, black Timberland, laying down why

In a stripper warehouse in Vegas

Celebrities cater

Serenading bitches, I was just fanangling

39K a night I take it

Straight with the wraith

Take it home

Nigga I fucked up with my wife

[Verse 2: Horace Brown]

Overlooking our problems baby

Overlooking our pain

Baby lets get together

Things are not the same

We're just hurting each other over again

Two wrongs don't make it right

We find a love and then...

[Hook: Horace Brown]

Here we go again (here we go)

Stop trippin', stop trippin'

Here we go again


[Outro: Horace Brown]

Confrontation's always guaranteed

We've always had our rainy days

Yes we did, I know we did