Rah Digga - Angela Davis

Angela Davis Lyrics / Paroles

Leader of the resistance
And it's only for the thick skin
Runnin' round the chick lance
Looki' with my bricks man
When it come to spittin', got that sixth sense
And I don't think they know the difference
And I'm gettin' at my wit's end
And in that real rap kick thing
And they wonder how it missed them
I'm Angela Davis, I ain't shakin' my buns
I'm yellow power to the people and wavin' em guns
I be pumpin' that fist, I ain't runnin' some shit
It ain't too many of you broads got the stomach for this
Y'all worried bout your stylists, worry bout your talents
Build up your valence, expandin' your palettes
Better find you a balance, else that homecoming won't be
As turnt up as Howard's
Ha, call me Angela Davis, in my all black floatin' through the Matrix
They like Digga, can ya save us?
When did lyricism escape us?
You one of the few that kept it raw through the ages
You bout the culture even ? than the ?
And you ain't have to do that fake shit
I luv my black features, I ain't tryna get no faithless(?)
I'm Angela Davis, no pun
Momma had that straight in the comb once straight burn
They don't know about me, but they gon' learn
They gon' learn, how I had the infallible Lauryn Hill lightin' roaches on the mic
Told Kim we not noth', we ain't doin' ladies night
Told Rage be success, we gon' be Nas and Jay
And if you was with Bust, still best till this day
I'm Angela Davis, I ain't ?
Couple war scar floss from my young day
Album rain debut number one, two or three
But I showed ya how to be an emcee
Call me Angela Davis, I'm steppin' with pride
Y'all condone the cool men, I ain't lettin' it ride
Y'all so fufu, even with who's who
I swear to God they don't make em like they used to
I'm Angela Davis

I freed myself, but I'm coming back to free my brothers and sisters
That ain't for everybody
You gonna be a ?
I would put that mission on nobody

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