Rakim - Madiba (Nelson Mandela Tribute) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rakim - Madiba (Nelson Mandela Tribute)

Madiba Lyrics / Paroles

[Mandela's Speech]

We commit ourselves to the construction of a complete
Just and lasting peace

[Verse 1]
On July 18th, 1918
Divine faith brings what life needs, a great king
That tried to make peace, fight beasts and make means
Prior to their needs might lay the great things
[?] brands maker, troublemaker
But later on he reform his life to something major
In a time where no one knew the meaning of lovin' neighbor
Born to take the world by storm like Mother Nature
Nelson was the name given
By a school teacher by the age seven
Cause of racism and his African name
I guess it stayed with him, not just the alias, the pain
And soon the man emerged in tune with planet Earth
He made a move to Johannesburg under the dark sky
He realized being free would cost him his life due to the Apartheid

It's a long road to freedom, let's take a long walk
It's a long road to freedom, let's take a long walk

[Verse 2]
Trapped in a system that'll mistreat 'em and mislead 'em
He know it's a long walk to freedom
He went to the best college as he got his Bachelor's to studied law
Hungry for knowledge, he studied more
By his mid-twenties he joined the ANC
Years later chief of the NDC, Africa's MVP
[?] to expose the vocal soldier
Every where he go he hear Shosholoza
He gaining power, there's a lot of 'em
So now the government is watching 'em, plotting on stopping 'em
So they put him under observation
So the oppresors outlawed his operations
Knowing the power that be it's biased
Instead of street riots he tried to teach 'em to be righteous
But the chief of violence went underground
And formed the [?] way to peace fighters


[Verse 3]
I guess he got enough of it
He got an army to specialize in guerrilla warfare
To stop the self-orientated authorities, wanted before trouble here
They charged him with conspiracy to overthrow the government
I guess defending it would legitimize the case
Being locked without proof would ever size the hate
They thought they'd kill him by giving him life
This only made him bigger than life
Every moment more noble, the movement more loyal
Then the news went global, the storm is more royal
The world couldn't wait to see him on his release
He gave 27 years of freedom for his beliefs
Finally free to complete the prophecy
He won the peace prize, beat Apartheid to see democracy
Some say heaven sent, yeah, that's evident
South Africa's first black president
Salute, pay homage and pay your respects
Cause he fought doe human rights 'til the day of his death
Nelson Mandela, rest in peace
But may your legacy live forever and ever


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