Rapsody - Illuminaughty (Chinchilla) [paroles]

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Rapsody - Illuminaughty (Chinchilla)

Paroles: Illuminaughty

Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that
Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that
Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
Yeah, now they say I'm illuminati [yeah]
True I'm ill, my words loom and I'm naughty [yeah]
When it comes to the flow I'm badder than Bobby swear
But only devils I'm fending for these days are Givary's tear
I select one levels above I'm out of here another stratosphere fear I shook 'em like Cariba's hair
That's Earvin's Magic. Not devil magic. Fire you some deeper logic, these are the nights from gladys
When you realize you superwoman above the average, I'm a poet baby Laury I don't relate to ratchet
Most careers are rapid I'm just trying to be around
Wonder told me to be profound, pro is found, I'm astounding
A red shirt in beginning I'm wincing I'm winning without beefing with any my music says all I need to now
You ain't my competition, I'm out for bigger fishing
This is chess but ain't no pawn I'm in the ocean swimming
Shark attack I bring the artist inspiration
You off everything and still screaming out zulu nation
If you in the basement keep your focus tied as faces
Even looks they'll give you when finally win a make it
My grandfather was amazing a star was born to be amazing
Your girl blossom and now my head shining like Davis
Still throwing my middle finger to all the races
If there's a hell you burn in be a black as all of our faces, ha-ha
Who you pray to Jah the Rabbah, got a pride of Mufasa, ain't lying bet you a dolla'
On a path like Mandela a long walk to my freedom where we be equal only know a couple people who really flow this evil
I'll eat you with each tooth find you a steeple tell momma to prepare your body for view you one of many people
Ask ? aka this is it for you boy
Who have a funeral in all play troy. Ha. Huh
But I'm burning oil in the soil
I'm a need a lawyer just to collect all the royals
Friends ain't loyal. Industry is shady
My circle getting smaller trying to stay away from Hades
It's hell when you know you hotter then they new Mercedes
Walking to same path as all the niggas in they 80s
Discrimination's still alive I face it on the daily
Fuck it I got to thrive for all the girls now is all babies
AB about to see a good girl go crazy
I'm a snap like the 3rd verse featuring Jay Z
On some king shit like Kendrick cyphers and Shady's
Renegading I'm find tiger on whatever you say shit
Not shooting no cases burning this ? like satan
Pushing me to the ledge more ammo to get erased with
May shit. Niggas don't need GOD when I'm done here
Vent just to vent a challenge don't mean shit here
I wonder if then you'll call me female rapper
Stuttering shit I have to snap your neck in half then, I don't give a fuck
Like it light I'm more darkskin
The truth in the light so your day's looking darker
I'm a jedi young. Feel pain like an accident
From memories I hold up, high where the attic is
You just average and who cares for women
Rapping and taste for them sour and ?
I'll remember you when I'm pushing that cold audi
Ignoring your phone calls when you doubt me, yup
Hating to my face now you wanna be proud hmm?
I walk the same path as Martin and Malcolm
Catch them in the shadows now whispering about them
Now you bowing to the squad I want a piece of a outcome? Noway
Flow better than, star let them in
My jacket sleeve reid I'm hotter than two tees with pens, in August
Opposite Scut Farcus
No Christmas story the gift is right, for us
Move for it like Taurus on ya'll niggas scream glory. Rose
Like Christopher in the forest. Wake up
Told ya'll with no cake up, like Jacob
We will make up the difference laker in time
Little light of mine we shine like goldmines
In shrines they pray to the divine with bent spines
Forgive me for my sins Father killing my only ?
My favourite rapper covering time, it's that time
Guess it's I like the sign of the eve we gone rock
AP fuck a block, run through it like who gone stop me [who gone stop me]
ABC with no defense.That's descent. Of an infant from Africa, be proud
Please smile for heritage we carrying [carrying]
Torch is like tortoises from Maryland
Slow killing the niggas they so arrogant with estrogen
It's apparent that I can handle men
Like bars on cycle high, recycle them to come again
I'm killing these niggas with shit I started with
In '07 like interludes I interrupt
Killing motherfuckers with lyrics they can't reconstruct
Like twin towers, no two ?
Can shine like ? shouts to Jamla
Stamina no got it, they can't run with thy squad
We take over and ? like the emperor
Ended thy weak shit, niggas on ?
My third eye seeking higher like Allah
Taking it ? like biological men [yup]
Jamla the squad let the saga begin [yo]
Rather continue big boy and 3 stacks
One fat like frat step up and step back
Just be wary of your dude you too get fade to black
Like ? on the track from the way I marry ?
Like American Gangster Frank Lucas I kill that

Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that
Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that
Chinchilla style flow cold you feel that