Ray J - ATM (ft. Dria & Migos) [paroles]

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Ray J - ATM (ft. Dria & Migos)

Paroles: ATM

[Verse 1 – Ray J]
See it in your eyes when you’re looking at me
Godamn, Imma burn a hole [?] minute, love your [?]
You ain’t ready for this beast [?]
[?] with a little Cognaac, a little something in my swisher sweet

[Bridge – Ray J]
I don’t understand why I feel this way
Got me feeling like I’m in outer space
Swear I always been the type in the club that’ll hold shit down
Caught up in the matrix, so far gone, don’t wake me now

[Hook - Dria]
Don’t keep me waiting, I’m anticipating
Come meet me baby, in this dream
You and me
I be the [?], come home when you need me
Got my arms wide open, I mean my legs wide open with me
Got my legs open like an ATM
Got my legs open like an ATM
Hundreds in a bank roll, got me open 24
[?] got me kinda throwed, kinda throwed, kinda throwed

[Verse 2 - Quavo]
Beat it up, beat it up, beat it up
Like Michael Jackson, bout to beat it up
Got her legs open like an ATM, so I told her cash out on this spatula
You the baddest bitch in the club, right?
So I hit her with a left like fight night
In the club tight, diamonds shine on bright
Looking like I work at [?]
I’m the king, baby call me Elvis
Can a nigga see below your pelvis?
I didn’t come alone, I came with the felons
She want to take it to the next level, I’m a trend setter
Baby living better, she want to see if I got real cheddar
My pockets so fat, look like nutty professor
The blue Benji’s make her feel better


[Verse 3 - Ray J]
Damn she wetter than a tsunami
Sweating like a motherfucker, hotter than a goddamn [?]
She’s a rider like a [?]
If you want to come and get it, spit it
I’ll eat you like an edamame


[Verse 4 – Takeoff]
Takeoff a young rich nigga
Christian Louboutin sweater
Gold toed, these are Maison Margielas
Pockets sloppy, [?] change the weather
Slippery whip out, I’m Cinderella
I can make it rain in any weather
I look like Frank Lucas in the chinchillas
Pull up in the Bentley, you niggas weak
I’m a veteran, you just a beginner

[Verse 5 – Offset]
She wet like Pacific, her head is terrific
Lil mama, she gifted
She suck on the dick, baby girl do not kiss it
Eat it up, eat it up, like I am jiffy
[?] independent, she been fucking with me from the very beginning
Church girl, when she with me she sinning
I’m granting her wish, she calling me a genie
Got my finger on her panty line
Lil mama bad, you should see her mom
She looking sexy when she chew on gum
Come with Offset, baby have some fun
3 2 1, lil mama she the bomb!
In her Birkin bag, she keep my gun
Bitch is sucking and she number one
She Brazilian, not American (Foreign!)