Red Cafe - Cheers To Young California [paroles]

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Red Cafe - Cheers To Young California

Paroles: Cheers To Young California

Came back, came back touch down from that Dubai city
Now I talk to my people
Shakedown life
I can bring that Arm & Hammer chain back in the street
Believe that..

Huh, been around the world and back
Fuck the fake shit, y'all deserve the facts
I mean
Real niggas don't die, we become legends
Them other suckers change and switch like phone settings
Goon'd up, buried all my rivals
I had the wave before Jigga Man had TIDAL
Bad Boy before Diddy even met Biggie
I was in Flatbush, terrorizin the whole city
Now I took my talents down South Beach
Wild as fuck, still keep the World Metta Peace/piece
We in the world with fake somebodys
More appreciated than real nobodys, so I keep a shotty, brrrat
Time to change that shit
Back to the streets dog, fuck the rap shit
Hoes talk slick tryin to get my attention
You now only get me to bench 'em
I done had R&B bitches, actresses, models
Reality show hoes, and some mo' hoes
Make 'em tat they ass with my logos
Just a nigga from the 7-1-ocho
I got money but I don't got time
So if you get a date, better blow my mind, bitch
The nigga in Notorious they call Preme
E'vry city, coppin condoms at (?) green, whoa
I got bars here to Mars
Out in Dubai, menage with the (?)
(?), dump sour in them cigars
In Puerto lookin like Chico DeBarge
Yeah, cheers to the young California
Slid in so many foreigns feel like a foreigner
Now I'm out in L.A. countin my Lay's
That's chips for you suckers that ain't caught up to the phrase
Did a couple porno flicks, unreleased though
IPhone full of chicks ready for the freak show
I takes it all, I ain't payin for nothin
Got new work, told my ex I ain't stayin for nothin, one
From the hood, fried rice and a 5 piece
Now I'm up, fleet of cars blacker than Tyrese
From the rooter to the tooter to my red ruby ay
We can mash up the club, go 'head sue me
Shakedown, the best seller
The best ever designated nigga to fuck up her mascara
And that's word to my Arm & Hammer charm
I'm a Konvict before Akon, ask Akon, what's up?