Red Cafe - Gangsta Love (ft. Mansion TUTT)

Gangsta Love Lyrics / Paroles

me and my bitch fuckin in the whip
what you knwo about gangsta love
just me and my bitch f*ckign int he whip
what you know about gangsta love

when i do ti i do it for the drove
i’ma keep score i’m emplyed to ..
presidencial sweet to seven state day
me and my, me and my , me and my
.. see at the benzo
put it on the air
fuck it on the window
if you pop off ym bitch pull fo triger
me and my, me and my , me and my
girl like we ruff i give it to a ruff

one double order i’m ..with the luck
push it bout me i’m ..
uprgade the ..she left for ex

me and my bitch f*ck it in the ..
cook my .. gonna ..
push my whill my life is gone
rick rare with a keepr am i right in ..

[2 x hook:]

my folks were alwys putting him down
my folks and he came from the wrong side of town

me and my bitch ..shit
but we on the gangsta love
just me and my bitch
just em and my bitch
be in some shit

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