Red Cafe - Pretty Gang (ft. Fabolous) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Red Cafe - Pretty Gang (ft. Fabolous)

Pretty Gang Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Red Cafe]
The stock done went up
I see you baby
You know I fucks with that, why not
Shake down

[Hook: Red Cafe]
Pretty gang, that girl from the pretty gang
I'm a street nigga from the hood
And I only fuck with girls from the pretty gang
Pretty gang, that girl from the pretty gang
I'm a real nigga from the hood
But I only fuck with girls from the pretty gang

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
She a bad girl from the ghetto
I'm a hood nigga only sip XO
If I ain't off the kush and the Rosé laid up fuckin' on the cougar bitch next door
Pretty gang all about that rep that
Throw your flag up, lame hoes hate you
When them broke ass niggas come around finna be in yo' face make sure them niggas pay you
My shawty got ten Louis bags, tory burch, Channel and YSL
She ain't worried 'bout nothin', cause her team fly as hell
I'm here with my niggas, and we gon' spend this money
Party like it's yo' birthday, hit the telly then we get gully


[Verse 2: Red Cafe]
That Dominican girl
East African queen, call you my cinnamon girl
Sweet like grandma cobbler, look at that girl posture
Ever think about fuckin' with a mobster?
Everyday in designer, real niggas tryna get behind her
Got a tattoo on her back, it say "made in vagina"
Dope boys, ball players, fuck she gots to talk that
What your bank account looking like lately
Lame niggas gon' walk it out
Heard the pretty gang deep for a fitness ho
Rich niggas finna ball out


[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Now if you pretty gang then rep your sets
All them stares, they ain't stepped up yet
She kept it hard and she kept that wet
So she ain't missed a Giuseppe yet
Money talks and ain't get strep throat yet
Champagne til' I sweat Moët
Big ol' booty that stretch them sweats
Look back at it, retrospect
Gotta have it, every time a nigga see it a nigga wanna grab it
Can't be with a boss if you ain't established
Can't join pretty gang if you ain't a bad bitch (bad bitch, bad bitch)


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