Red Cafe - We Made It (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Red Cafe - We Made It (Freestyle)

Paroles: We Made It



I got bad girls with bad habits

Sex good, I mean fantastic

Clean mouth and a dirty soft

This dirty red, old dirty bastard

Box killa, got the box mastered

Top choice, still poppin' ratchet

Hit the thing with that King Kong

Then I back up off her, give her hot flashes

In her belly like antacids

She suck the prop like she had practice

Jewelry all on thrilla jacket

Strapped up, can't forget to wrap it

Hold up, let me wave

At the haters that hate from a distance

I be on camels in Dubai, my nigga we stunt from a distance

Drunk I'm flyer than all of yall

Kush got me higher than all of yall

My chick bad and I flex back

She put it on me, I walk it off

What up?
Nigga we made it

We made it

Shake down!

Nigga we made it