Redman - Dope Man [Lyrics/Paroles]

Redman - Dope Man

Dope Man Lyrics / Paroles

[Chorus: StresMatic] (x2)

Hey mister Dopeman you’re a star

I like your gold chain and your fancy car, I said!

[Verse 1: Redman]

I said “Dopeman Dopeman” that’s who I am

I got lyrics by the pounds and I sell ’em for grams

I don’t sell crack I sell coke bitch I’m a star

The lyrics I sell is dope 10 thousand a bar

You can wrap me in saran make sure that I’m fresh

Put a stamp on your product right there on my chest

My transporter KRS-One let’s chop it up

Cause this product killer nigga get you a tux

I got crack baby rap fans after the drug

The more they buy chi-ching the bigger my check stub

Call me Mr. Pusherman it’s dope in your ears

More money I can cut it get DJ Premier

You can fly me overseas and the dogs won’t smell

London and Paris (oooow) - “you got mail”!

I’m the American Gangster I carry the weight

And when the Feds watching homie I put more on the plate

Let’s Go!

[Chorus] (x4)

[Verse 2: Redman]

It’s like every hood waiting for my music to buy

And when I’m done ears ringing like package arrived!

Women strung out they copping 2 for 5

They get a half a metaphor and a piece of a punchline!

Now I’m off to Canada I’m high in demand

My passport not working - try it again!

I got drug dealers waiting like 5 in a van

They unloading my shit getting high from their hands

It's the raw, uncut Eddie Delirious

The underground recognize, In Red We Trust

Even your neighborhood saying “Red you're tough”

Little kids idolize it when I pull up!

You can call a hot-line Reggie ready for work

1-800-FuckWitANigga; this New Jerz

I’ll take your credit, debit or Amex card

To cop the gold chain nigga and fancy car!

[Chorus] (x4)

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