Redman - Funkorama (Remix) [paroles]

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Redman - Funkorama (Remix)

Paroles: Funkorama (Remix)

Yeah, one room, Representing, Def Squad coast, yeah, ah, y'all know bout that? Check it

[Erick Sermon]
It goes, knick knack, patty-wack, give a dog a bone
You a customer, so kneel before me, the E
Matter of fact, like the group home. Give me dap
To being the first one to bring the zepp pap to rap
Look at that, i got the whole house jumpin'
Off the hook, like my little black book(Uhhuh)
The original flavor, Run-DMC era
Microphone terror, so who can do it betta?
I'm in the mixture, i recite funk scripture
Freeze you, like Kodak picture, cheesy
Expertise, doper than these grown trees
I'm on the money strap, so you can call me Donny
Fry hyper, Professional lyrical sniper
Who comes tighter, than the version, servant(Aiyee!)
Last chance, so if you wanna go to rounds wit the Def Squad
Motherfucker, Let's Dance

[Redman] Funkorama!
[Erick] Yeah the place to be, for the underground
To groove to the funk sound so
Relax your mind, let your conscience be free
With E and R-E-D
[Redman] We get down like that

[Verse 2: Redman]
CAUTION! Your hearing aid is needed, stay weeded
I'm con seconded than we bleeding eardrums repeating
The bombzee taking the heat since i was a fetus
Rocking Adidas when i first sipped on Easy Jesus
Copastetic, how you like it, hold it, shredded
Mice get breaded, saute, cause I'm a pro at wetting
I'm getting, smarter than AJ 86
You beating me?, one-oh-one, than i fights crazy fix
Open up that chest like Vicks, when i write them
Then leaves you marks brains, more question than a silo!
You got a crew? You better tell them, or hide them
I stay more focused than White lens when I'm inside them
Yo, E, Scream on these stinking MC's
Three times three, reality, virtuality, can't see
I plant seeds and MC's that can't
Fertilize their rhymes, i drop lines till they can't breathe!
Shucky ducky quack quack, on that ass crack
Got blaston, i blast back, Funkorama
I got a trunk o' trauma, to smoke constant
Dramas caused by the bomb shit, love ya momma


(Redman saying beginning and end of hook until song fades)