Redman - Hammertime [paroles]

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Redman - Hammertime

Paroles: Hammertime

I take over HOVA drama
Hotel Rwanda-bud Rosie O'Donnell
When L.L. was on [?]
I was fucking niggas heads up-I'm the ashtrays father
Work like 10 men-the voice is Ferrari engine
My boys are poverty stricken
Aggressive around the necklace reckless
Talk that shit I eat breath mints for breakfast
All eyes on me no sucker in my heartbeat
I keep it concrete to Long Beach
Pardon me if the flow is suicide
I bullied most of these rookies to get televised
Channel 5-nah the S5
I'm fly so I look thirsty for the reptiles
Broke out the straight jacket latches
How can I not be on top when I'm an addict
Opposite of average I bang like the beats from Madlib
I'm good like my momma catfish
State facts Doc derail the track
See-you can't compare a Dell to a Mac
Your DNA lacks Ready to Die, El-P
Nas, Illmatic, Big L and Reggie
Keep your mouth closed-gametime
Under my eyes (is) charcoal tucking on a Roscoe
I ain't rich so I don't talk money
Just create what the masses want from me
I played my cards right-yeah I'm Gin Rummy
I'm coaching while you commentate like Vangundy
Roll 1 deep-no assist
When it's time-the warrior deeper than The Riffs
You don't wanna risk-calling all cars
187 on these motherfucking bars
Money over bitches-that's how I mob
I'm trying to own more whips than the dominatrix
Slimdog thousandairre-Brick City
Tell your boss' boss to get with me
Meeting at 4 I want mine
He late around 3:57-HAMMERTIME