Redman - Somebody Got Robbd (ft. Mr. Yellow) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Redman - Somebody Got Robbd (ft. Mr. Yellow)

Somebody Got Robbd Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1 - Redman]

The economy down, you ain't know?

Niggas is starving

Blacks can't set up shop

Boy I love my hood but my finger on the trigger

It be warning niggas saying keep your head up doc

I got robbed before, I could spot the tension

I could spot the car riding slow with tensin

His peripherals he sees a victim

My peripherals I see them slipping

Never catch me boy, plans gone wrong

The streets taught me how to post them bare arms

My shotgun pump I call me along

They drill them like ary bonz nigga

But still the right stickup kid rob your whole fam

Shoot your knee cap until you get the program

Where the safe, where the drugs, where the gold, mane?

I can't make you but I bet the 44 can

Stop the blood clot crying

Gimme what I need take it easy and I ain't mad lying

My boys outside is waiting on a signal

And next rick niggas chains is on the menu

So when you hear these words

Give it up nigga

It's a 80% chance that nigga gorilla

That he got your jeweler all on the floor

[Hook - Redman]

That nigga fucked, he just got robbed!

Now up in brick city somebody got robbed

And out in NY somebody got robbed

And right about now somebody getting robbed

That's why I keep a heater when it's cold outside

Out in Chitown somebody got robbed

And out in Chilla Callie somebody got robbed

And all around the world everybody getting robbed

Keep the gun under cause the bricks get wild

[Verse 2 - Redman]

I got a younger brother that did 12 joints

For robbery, attempted murder and assault

So believe me boy when it comes to getting robbed

I got a team my niggas hungry for the job

Jersey niggas, don't sleep on the state

From Cadison to Camden, we increase the rate

Hey young bro, why don't you explain

How you rolled upon a nigga make them come out they trade

[Verse 3 - Mr. Yellow]

Grab a stolen car, load up slow

No mask on cause I'm thinking high mode

Let you see my face in the shine of the chrome

It's home invasion when I'm raiding y'all folks

Cop back the hammer and tell them what it is

Gimme all your fortune, everybody lives

I rob you and Miki drop 2 for a dollar

I'm like Kang, nigga you tryina kick knowledge

I want dope, coke, money, jewels

I love this, shit I was born to be a goon

When it's a full moon it's the yellow gone change

Like take off my chain and put off your chain

What you do?

Fuck that chain, I sell it to another nigga

Then what?

Stack that bread then go stick another nigga

That's why Mr. Yellow's on the job

And right about now somebody's getting robbed

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