Reks - Judas [paroles]

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Reks - Judas

Paroles: Judas

He looking for answers, too many men lie
Get them fools a million chances, look them in they eyes
But they lookin to the side, to the floor, to the sky
They are poison, they are cancer, demons on display
See em diggin in your pockets, fillin in the rockets
Trigger cock back, pop top,
See them sit up in the shotgun, gasing, got none
Spending in your cash, up chop
Chop it up with you, fuck with you, whenever you got
When you ain’t, they ain’t around
Clowns vanish on the spot
Ain’t that nad, nigga where
Where you when I needed you?
Spending simple g in 2, scared I see the greed in you
Should have been about this moment,
I came out with my cam in hand
But I doubt it, stay the same
What about it, caron change

What would you do, if you were me?
And I was you

Hard to trust a soul now, too many a faults
Disappear drama go down, karma do the waltz
Dancing around the issues, forget you bounce
Tata, adios, au revoir
Nigga be out, know you wanna skate from the quick escape
Plan it dip anyway, go hide your face
All the nigga wait, enemy at gate, gonn take my plate then run away
It’s the way of the world, carry weight of the world
Haters hate, lovers love, you get a form of it for sure
I should have known it occur, when we were so called friends
Dynasty, minus me, nap troop,
Shining the end,
I’m gonna get you, hug you, kiss you, fuck you
If you think I miss you, can’t mess with you in the fake love
Karma see the bitch in you

If you were me, and I was you

Tomorrow not promise us, yesterday the past
Ain’t no future in your fronting dog, how long can you last?
All I ask is a hundred yo, such an easy task
To be real, just to be real before I put you on blast
Niggas so fake, …snakes, I see they hate from miles away

Funny way, they display, they emotion like a bitch
They devotion like a snitch, they approachin with a kiss
Put the dagger in yoru back, good thing I prepared for this
So much deepr than the rap, only facts I see exist
Y’all so selfish, can’t help but shut with your devilish intent
Fellowship extend from brotherhood exemp

What would you do, if you were me?
And I was you.