Remy Ma - DJ Absolut Freestyle [paroles]

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Remy Ma - DJ Absolut Freestyle

Paroles: DJ Absolut Freestyle

[Remy Ma: Verse 1]
If a bitch get outta place I'ma beat ha ass up
Ice grill on her face Im'a heat ha ass up
These little freaks they geeked and gassed up
Dump clips in they whip while they at the gas pump
You ain't wifey material just a fast fuck
A pop bungee cord you just a bad jump
Who's really the best female if Rem ain't there?
If theres a answer to that its cuz Rem ain't there
Imma spell it out for you to make it clear
I ain't tryna be ya bestie I'm just the b-e-s-t, flow cold on ice I'm Wayne redski
I'm sick, sneeze on you bitches God bless me
The queen done studied you hoes, Who wanna test me?
Its chess , not checkers I'm in the box you ain't check me
Bitch i spits tighter than Stretchies
And your comments get returned to sender cuz yall dont address me
Couple of indirects , a few subliminals, you'll get wet up a 2 piece you a fucking swimming suit

Ayo I'm nice with a marker a pencil or pen
Bitch give me a piece of chalk and I'ma go in
I'm so hard these broads dont flow like Rem
I mean I got more bars than the jail I was in
More songs than Trey, yeah call me Trigga
Cuz according to New York State law I'm an attempted killer but
Truthfully I ain't try to murder that bitch
I just wanted them to give me back my shit
Everybody say that these hoes sound like Rem
But when u really think about it im nothing like them
See they blew up fast, I'll blow a bitch quick
They talk about they ass I just spit that shit
Ion want homage you ain't gotta salute me
These bitches know I really rap and I smack the pins out cha doobie
Keep something cocked or copped in the Louis I gotta right to bear arms I'm Huey
Directors pressing me for a Remy Ma movie
Heard I shot someone now they all wanna shoot me
You ain't do a bid, you was out on bail and
You wasn't in prison bitch you was in jail
Big difference word to my innocence
Most of these so called killers ain't never get fingerprints
Ain't glorifying crime I love my freedom
I ain't a gynecologist but I know pussies when I see em
Catch em in the booking so easy to read em
Screaming fuck the police like I'm straight outta Compton
Not you , you been on my dick yeah condom
Ether any one of these bitches yes nas em