RetcH - Not To Mention [Lyrics/Paroles]

RetcH - Not To Mention

Not To Mention Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

Fifty xans and like forty blunts
Got thirty bitches all twenty something
My lil bruh, he got a Mac 10
And I'm strapped too
Get the semi bustin'
Nigga I, I'll leave you dead nigga
Gotcha momma singin' them slow songs
More than two cups and like three percs
Sippin' red-dot bet I'm so gone
I don't usually party I be in the trap
Tryna get them racks and stay low dog
But if I'm on the scene you know I'm on my flee
[?] so worn
Don't even [?]
Your bitch kinda bad I'mma smash it
Walked in the spot with the ratchet
Catchin' a case for the static
I told 'em $ha let 'em have it
Hoes get to duckin' around
I get to bustin' around
I might go puff on a pound
Niggas was hatin' before
They tryna fuck with me now
And it's on set
Niggas they ain't got no shame
Fuck goin' on in they brain
Bitches gon' get what they get
I po'd a 4 wit them zips
I might just go crack the whip
I might just go crack the whip
I'm drivin as fast as it get
I'm gettin as high as I can
Wake up wit pills n that drank
Wake up I'm sippin that drank
Whippin that Benz blowin stank
Ya BM a thot, she swallow dick on the reg
Whippin the BM she givin me head
Po out sum lean for my niggas thats dead
Po out sum lean for the dearly departed
They thought I felt lost, shit I barely done started
I came wit some niggas, these niggas retarded
They shoot you in public
Give a fuck bout no charges
Feds they hop out, hop out of [?]
These niggas they start tuckin and duckin and dodgin
Yung boi gon throw a stick right in the bush
I'm counting up bands and I'm smokin' on kush

I be blowin' loud in them trenches
And I'm strapped pussy nigga, not to mention
Pussy nigga, not to mention
I be in the crowd of the benches
Waitin' for 'em tryna catch that pussy slippin'
A hunnit fuckin' pounds of that sticky
I might fuck around and break it down in 50's
I might po' a Dr. Brown wit my niggas
Sippin' muddy, while we creepin thru the city

[Verse 2]
I be blowin' loud in them trenches

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